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They Meet Again

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They Meet Again

Heidi decides that the mature thing to do would be to send Lauren and Jason drinks. Well, they send Jason water. Lauren and Jason send the drinks back. Suddenly the tables have turned, and Lauren is advising Jason to rise above. Meanwhile, Heidi is bitching that Lauren would forgive Jason, but not her. I thought she hated Lauren? Why does she care if Lauren forgives her? Lauren decides they should go, and they leave. Heidi maturely calls out "Bye!" as they leave. Does she really think that people watching will find that funny, or cute, or anything?

In the car on the way home, Lauren and Jason discuss Heidi. That's what couples do! Bitch about people on the way home in the car! It's a time-honored tradition with my husband and me. Unless we visit you, in which case all we can talk about is how delightful you are. Jason drops Lauren off with nary a peck on the cheek.

Teen Vogue. Whitney compliments Lauren's outfit and gives her the latest on the location scouting. Lauren, who never wants to talk about work, tells Whitney about her run-in with Heidi and Spencer. Lauren points out that Spencer has never even met Jason, and I'm surprised that they didn't overlap at all. I guess my timing was off. But Jason never liked Heidi. I guess in the Venn diagram of things that I believe and things that Jason believes, disliking Heidi would be our only overlap.

Bolthouse. Heidi shows up later than everyone else again, and she starts bitching to Elodie about how Lauren can forgive Jason and not her. And then Heidi spins it that they sent over drinks as an act of reconciliation, when it was totally a fuck-you move. Elodie gives the greatest speech ever: "So what exactly did you do to [Lauren], that she won't even accept a drink? And, also, you were also friends with Audrina, and now she doesn't talk to you anymore. You were friends with Whitney too! You don't even know what's wrong and what's right anymore. It's so sad." Heidi looks really hurt as Elodie just dismisses her. If the whole "Heidi getting a job she doesn't deserve" was just a setup for that moment? I am totally on board. I hope it was also setup for Heidi getting unceremoniously shitcanned.

Jason is looking for apartments, and Lauren offers to help. She thinks Jason should get a sober roommate, and she offers to go on sober dates with him. They joke and laugh. Hey, maybe they'll get back together! Or maybe he'll get engaged to someone else.

Heidi and Spencer go out to dinner. Spencer proposes a toast to her and her new job. Heidi confesses that she's been stressing out a lot and claims she's been working for Brent for two years. Hey, didn't she say last week that she'd been there for one year? Heidi wants Elodie to understand that it's just business. Well, Elodie should really be mad at Brent, except we all know that Brent just did what he needed to do to get more publicity for his firm. Elodie should be putting her resume up on soon. I kind of wanted to see Heidi tell Spencer about Elodie's big speech, just to see how she would spin it and what bullshit Spencer would come up with. Oh well.

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