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Truth And Time Tells All

Lo (!) and Lauren go to Pinkberry. Lo wonders if Audrina is still dating "Justin-Bobby or whatever?" Lauren explains the disastrous dinner they all had together. Lo encourages Lauren to skip her workout and enjoy her life. I knew I liked that Lo for a reason. Lauren calls Audrina to find out if they are going to work out, and learns that Audrina is on her way to meet Justin-Bobby. Lauren announces that she can't do the "roommate thing with a sucky boyfriend" again.

Justin-Bobby strolls down the street and enters a bar to meet Audrina, who immediately starts complaining about what a jerk he was earlier. Justin-Bobby looks so much like every guy at my college in 1992 who ate a lot of 'shrooms and then wrote really deep poetry and acted all sensitive and Johnny Depp but was really just as much of a pig as the jocks and frat guys. Justin-Bobby smarms that he was sick the other night and he doesn't really care what Lauren thinks. Audrina wonders if they should just be friends. Justin-Bobby gives a speech about nonsense (seriously, he says something about being at peace and kicking rocks) and somehow Audrina agrees to keep dating him. Justin-Bobby kicks it episode-title style when he says, "I think truth and time tells all." I have no idea what those two were talking about.

Heidi ges a roller and some paint. Please tell me she's painting over the mural! Yay! She is! Spencer walks in, and Heidi says that she has a surprise for him, just like he surprised her. Spencer says, "I surprised you with a beautiful mural. You surprised me with a boring white wall." Spencer is pissed and can't believe it. Heidi suggests that they decide what to do with the wall together, and tells Spencer he can't be mad at her. She gives a speech about how she thought they would make these kinds of decisions together, since they're fake-engaged and all. Heidi asks if he agrees, and Spencer gives a non-answer, so Heidi stomps off. Spencer just sits there and stares at the mural, but then picks up a roller and starts painting alone. I think the producers wanted me to think Spencer had a change of heart and was showing that he understands Heidi, but I really think that Spencer was just annoyed by Heidi's crappy paint job and had to fix it because he's constantly picking at her flaws (boob job). But I'm biased.

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