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The More Things Change...

Last season, Lauren and Whitney got new jobs working for Kelly Crow-trone, who is no Lisa Love, but is still kind of awesome, especially in interviews where she seems totally bemused to be part of this show. Lauren, Lo and Audrina moved into a house together, and Audrina was feeling left out and contemplated moving into her own place. Lauren had a heart-to-heart with her, and Audrina confessed that she thought Lo was trying to break them apart. Which, by the way, Lo totally was, and I love Lo. Meanwhile, Heidi whatever and her job whatever and Spencer whatever. So Spencer moved back in and whatever.

Lauren and Whitney are at work, and Whitney asks how things are going at home. Going through racks of clothes is totally the new sitting in the fashion closet when it comes to Whitney asking Lauren about her life. Lauren says that Lo is helping her throw a birthday party for Audrina, and also Lauren has a date with a guy named Doug. We all know from reading the gossip sites that Doug is Casey from Laguna's brother, which is hilarious to me because Casey was such a goon. Anyway. Lauren went to prom with him, and they don't mention that Doug is a pro baseball player, so presumably he's either been playing college ball or playing in the minors and just moved back to L.A. And he asked Lauren out! She's excited; she tells Whitney that she hasn't been on more than one date with a guy since Heidi and Spencer set her up with Brody. Whoa. That's a dry spell. Whitney is shocked and she and Lauren giggle. Aw. I actually missed these two together.

Bolthouse. Heidi and Kimberly walk in. Heidi should really not wear skinny jeans. She has no fat on her body, but she's somehow still a little hippy and the skinny jeans don't work for her. Heidi says that her sister is coming to town for the weekend, but she's nervous because Spencer sucks. I mean, she has other reasons, but it boils down to the fact that Spencer sucks. Nice to know that some things never change. Also, Heidi is kind of to blame because she didn't tell Spencer that her sister was coming, and she didn't tell her sister that Spencer moved back in with her. So Heidi's plan is to get home early and play it casual. That should work well.

Audrina's at work. She invites Chiara to her pool party, as thrown by Lauren. Chiara stirs the pot and asks if Lo will be there, and Audrina says that "Lo's always super bitchy." And that's why we love her! Because she's not boring and bland and dead behind the eyes like you, Audrina!

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