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The More Things Change...

Time for Holly to leave already! Heidi and Spencer walk her out. Holly "spontaneously" brings up that she might come back to L.A. since she has no reason to stay in Colorado. Spencer is silent but brooding. Heidi offers to let Holly stay with them until she gets settled. Holly thanks Spencer and drives off. Spencer is all pissy that Heidi offered to let her SISTER stay with them for a couple of weeks. What, is she going to cramp his style when he's busy all day playing Xbox and calling tabloids and paparazzi to document his next staged photo shoot with Heidi?

At work. Lauren tells Whitney that Lo kind of blew off the party and it was awkward. Lauren says that Doug was there, and was really nice, and she couldn't really focus on him because she was stressed out about her roommates. So Lauren told Lo to talk to Audrina. That should fix things right up, no?

Lo heads back to the guest house, and the music is super dramatic, so this should be effing good. Lo sits on the couch with Audrina and apologizes for being absent at the party, and acknowledges that they moved in thinking she and Audrina's relationship would grow, and it hasn't happened. Audrina agrees. Lo insists that she and Lauren have tried and Audrina hasn't given anything back. Audrina feels like Lo has put her on the outside since she's known Lauren for so long. Lo doesn't like being blamed for Audrina and Lauren drifting apart, and Audrina brings out the claws and says that Lo has an attitude, so she doesn't feel like trying anymore. Lo claims that she wants to be friends with Audrina, and she wants Lauren and Audrina to repair their friendship also. Audrina is stone cold when she says that she has friends that treat her well and make her feel included and Lo and Lauren don't do that. Lo's jaw drops and she reiterates that they're making an effort. Audrina says, "It's like I just don't care. We'll never be friends." That last line sounded really overdubbed. But still stone cold. Lo gets the hint and leaves. Look, Audrina had every right to be honest, but she didn't have to be such a bitch. She could have said exactly what she just said, but in a far less bitchy way. Then again, she's kind of over it, I guess. Good riddance. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Audrina is really boring. At least Lo has opinions about things.

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