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What Goes Around...

Previously: The ladies went to Vegas, and Lauren kissed Brody. Audrina got pissed because no one liked JB, and stomped off. Elodie screwed Heidi over, forcing Heidi to skip out on her anniversary dinner. Lauren hadn't talked to Jen B. since Jen hooked up with Brody, but Heidi told Jen that Brody was the one who started the sex-tape rumors, and now Jen is dying to tell Lauren.

Teen Vogue Work Closet. Lauren tells Whitney (who is folding clothes while Lauren sits there and does nothing but gossip, although I guess if I had to fold clothes, I'd want someone to sit there and tell me gossip while I did it) that she kissed Brody while in Vegas, and also fought with Audrina about JB. Whitney thinks it was inevitable that Lauren and Audrina would fight eventually, because they live together and hang out all the time. Seriously. When you spend enough time with someone that your periods are in sync, you're going to fight. Lauren gets a text from Jen B. saying that they need to talk. Whitney snaps some jeans in the air and says, "You guys have a lot of catching up to do!" Lauren just makes her eyes really wide and nods very seriously. Who takes their lives that seriously? Even when I was twenty-one or whatever, I think I just laughed at all that bullshit.

Hillside Villas. Lauren walks in and tells Audrina about Jen texting her. Lauren goes on this, like, ten-minute rant about how she feels like she's been too judgmental, but she's still "broken" from what happened with Heidi, and now she feels like maybe she forced Heidi to move out. Lauren doesn't want to repeat her mistakes, and needs Audrina to tell her when she should mind her own business. Lauren apologizes, and Audrina accepts. Except, the thing is, JB sucks. And Lauren should tell Audrina that she deserves better, even though Audrina won't listen. Because eventually, Audrina will get sick of being treated like crap, and she'll wonder why her friends let her do that.

Lauren and Lo (!) walk down the street. Lo can't believe Lauren apologized and wins my heart once again as she spits, "Justin's a loser. WHATEVER!" Love you, call me, mean it. They head into a Diane Merrick shop as Lauren says she's sick of fighting with people. Then stop being friends with such DRAMA QUEENS. Lauren also reluctantly admits that she's meeting Jen B. for lunch, and Lo's head snaps up in surprise. Lo wonders what Jen wants with Lauren, and reminds Lauren that Jen hurt her pretty badly before. Lauren says she will never trust Jen like she did before. Lo tries to figure out how to get Lauren to understand that this is a bad idea, but Lauren is on this whole "forgiveness" kick, so it's not working. Lo hugs Lauren and says she doesn't want anyone to be mean to her. I figured out who Lo is. She's the Bonnie Hunt character in Jerry Maguire. Or the Joan Cusack character in Grosse Pointe Blank.

Bolthouse. Heidi walks into Brent's office to explain what happened over the weekend. Heidi blames the whole thing on Elodie. Brent says that Heidi should have told someone else about the Elodie thing, because they would have filled her in on the Elodie quitting thing. I seriously can't believe that no one else knew about it. Brent tells Heidi she needs to step it up, and she can't make any more mistakes. Heidi promises she won't.

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