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What Goes Around...

The Big Lunch Of Reconciliation, Maybe. Lauren sits down with Jen, and they make small talk about Lauren going back to school and Lauren's diamond friendship bracelet, which Lauren is quite mysterious about. Jen brings up "that rumor situation" and lies that she wanted to call and make sure Lauren was okay, but she knew Lauren wouldn't want that. Lauren, clearly sick of Jen's annoying voice (or maybe that's just me) asks why Jen wanted to get together. Jen says that Heidi told her that Brody started the sex-tape rumor. Then, awesomely, Jen claims that she doesn't know the truth, and doesn't want to get involved. And yet, she just totally inserted herself in the middle for no apparent reason. Lauren declares that she doesn't believe it, because Heidi is just trying to deflect blame. Wow, that was awkward.

Hillside Villas. Audrina's folding laundry when Lauren walks in, post-lunch. Lauren spills what Jen told her. Audrina points out that Brody is not one to start trouble. Lauren agrees, and says she'll ask Brody at dinner anyway. Then Lauren totally rips on JB by saying, "Truth and time tells all." And Audrina doesn't even get mad.

Heidi slathers on eight more layers of makeup. Spencer yells that it totally wasn't Heidi's fault that no one told her that Elodie quit. Except maybe if anyone in the office liked Heidi AT ALL, they would have clued her into the whole thing. Spencer and Heidi continue to bitch about how nothing is Heidi's fault, and she is awesome, and everyone else sucks. Spencer decides that it means they can't depend on anybody. Heidi puts on two more tons of blush, prepping for yet another "candid" photo shoot, probably.

JB and Audrina shoot pool in a bar. JB says he can't handle a lot of people, and he'd rather hang out and play pool. Audrina explains what she and Lauren discussed the other day. Audrina totally pretends like she said anything in that whole conversation, when really, she just sat there with her mouth open, because she's not that bright. JB wants things to be "happy and blissful and mellow." Oh, go smoke a doob. Audrina wants to gossip about Lauren and Brody, but JB seriously could not care less.

Lauren meets Brody for dinner. They discuss how much fun they had in Vegas, and then toast to being friends. Lauren confesses what Jen told her. Brody says that Heidi has lost her mind. Lauren wants to know why Brody didn't take her side at the time of the rumors, and Brody says he wanted to stay out of it, because he was still friends with Spencer at that point. Lauren wants Brody to look at her and admit that Spencer and Heidi started the rumors. Brody mans up and says, "Lauren, I know one hundred percent fact that they did it." Do you think he's lying? I don't think he's lying. I think Brody's a coward and kind of a douche, but I don't think he's malicious.

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