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What Goes Around...

Teen Vogue Work Closet. Whitney is still folding shit, although at least Lauren is helping this time. Lauren explains what Brody said, and adds that Brody is very loyal, and even after a relationship ends, Brody has always refused to badmouth the person, so that's why Brody wouldn't confirm it before now. Whitney wonders if Heidi was involved in the rumors. Lauren thinks that Heidi may have known and went along with it, even if she wasn't actively involved. ["I was interested in the fact that Brody clearly said 'they did it,' but what Lauren reported to Whitney was that Brody said 'he did it.' I think even now, part of Lauren really wants to believe Heidi wasn't involved, even though she hates Heidi." -- Miss Alli] Seriously. Here's what happened. Spencer called up some of his tabloid contacts/gossip bloggers and told them there was a sex tape, and gave some details to make it sound like he had seen it. And then they all ran with it, because God knows Perez Hilton doesn't have a fact checker. And then he and Heidi probably pulled up the web sites and laughed and laughed. The end. It's not like there was a grand conspiracy -- it was just a shitty, petty thing to do. Anyway, Whitney and Lauren agree that they need to tell Jen to stop spreading rumors about Brody.

Heidi and Jen meet for lunch. Jen reluctantly admits that she went to lunch with Lauren and they made up. Heidi lies that it doesn't bother her that Jen is friends with Lauren. Jen asks if Heidi wants to make up with Lauren too, and Heidi says it would be great. Jen doesn't think it's likely, because "it's not like someone kissed someone, it's like someone put something in front of millions of people." In other words, Jen thinks what she did was nothing, but what Heidi did was unforgivable. Nice. Jen also tells Heidi about Brody's denial, and that he fingered Heidi and Spencer. Jen asks Heidi if she really didn't start the rumors. Heidi can't believe Jen is even asking her. Jen says she was thinking more about Spencer, and Heidi gets all offended. Jen says it's done. Why is it any of Jen's business?

Totally unstaged scene where Spencer is sitting in his apartment, reading a book about investing. Like he reads. Heidi walks in and tells him about her lunch with Jen, and what Brody said. Heidi tries to get Spencer to state that he didn't start the rumors, and Spencer just smirks. Actually, that whole scene was so fabricated and edited that I kind of don't want to talk about it. God, I hate Spencer, and Heidi needs to tone down her makeup about a hundred notches. And then tone it down a bit more.

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