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What Happens In Vegas…

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What Happens In Vegas...

Audrina and Lauren discuss flying to Vegas for Brody's birthday party. Audrina wonders whether they need to buy presents, and Lauren says that their arrival should be gift enough. Audrina explains that Justin-Bobby is meeting them at the airport, and Lauren wonders whether he will feel weird being the only guy. Translation: Will he feel weird hanging out with a bunch of people who hate him, plus Audrina? Audrina just shrugs her shoulders. Y'all, I don't think Audrina is all that bright. She's got that vacant look in her eyes.

Heidi and Spencer, in a totally staged moment, discuss their anniversary plans. They're going to have a spa day and then dinner at their "anniversary spot." They are the lamest couple. Heidi asks Spencer if he's told his parents about their engagement yet, and Spencer proposes (ha!) that he tell them after the wedding. Heidi refuses to take part in any surprise wedding shenanigans. Spencer dodges the question and offers up a toast to the best year of his life, which has flown by with all the fun. He could not sound less sincere.

LAX. Justin-Bobby waits for Audrina and the gang. With his acoustic guitar. That he's taking to Vegas. What a douche. Just when I think he can't get any douchier, he does. Audrina and the gang pull up in a limo, and one of the girls makes fun of JB's guitar. I hope it was Lo. Audrina hugs JB, and there's totally a guy in the background checking out Audrina's boobs and pretending he doesn't notice the cameras. There's a bit of a conversation about curbside check-in versus carry-on. JB still hasn't greeted Audrina's friends at all. Someone asks JB if he's going to serenade them, and he just chews his gum and stares into space. Maybe he and Audrina are a great match, what with the vacant stares and all.

The group arrives at the Palms. Brody is hanging out in his room (which I think might be the Real World suite) when there's a knock at the door. Brody answers and finds the gang all there. Hugs all around. Everyone does a toast, except JB drinks before the toast is even over and gets busted by Brody. JB ruins everything.

Bolthouse. Elodie talks to Michelle, the executive assistant, and asks if she's pissed that Heidi has her own office. Michelle kind of is, but says that Heidi clearly wants to move up. Elodie gets down to her real news, which is that she gave her notice, because she realized that it's not going to happen for her at Bolthouse. The unspoken sentiment is, "Especially if they're promoting knob jobs like Heidi." Elodie says that today is her last day, but Michelle quickly shushes her because Heidi is walking in. Brent comes into Heidi's office and asks if things are all set for tomorrow night's Emmy event. Heidi says that tomorrow night is her anniversary, and asks if it's okay if she skips the event as long as she makes sure everything is covered. Brent hesitates, and then says he doesn't care as long as nothing goes wrong. In the background, Elodie just shakes her head in disgust.

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