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What Happens In Vegas…

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What Happens In Vegas...

Pure Nightclub. They're actually playing Britney's new song. Oh! Lo is making out with Frankie! HEY! Brody asks Lauren for his birthday kiss, and she gives him the flirty eyes. He kisses her as Audrina looks on. Lo lets Lauren know that she also saw the whole thing.

Heidi and Spencer's anniversary dinner. Heidi says she's happy to be there and not at work, and explains that Elodie is covering for her, which Brent said was fine.

Brody's Suite. All the drunken peeps hang out on Brody's rotating bed. Drunken Lo tells Audrina that JB hates them, and they've tried to be nice. Audrina tries to say that all that matters is how JB treats her. Which, as we've seen, is shitty. Lo doesn't think they all need to be BFF, but she thinks JB could at least say hello to them. Audrina says that she'll blow JB off to make her friends happy, but I can't tell if she's being sarcastic or what. Lauren is disgusted with the whole scene, and walks off. Audrina "says" (it's overdubbed again) that she gets that nobody likes JB. Lauren sits out by the pool while Audrina walks out.

At dinner, Heidi gets a call from Michelle, frantic, explaining that the event was a mess. Heidi wonders what's up with Elodie, and Michelle explains that Elodie quit and yesterday was her last day. Heidi sighs and says she'll be right there. Okay, first of all? This whole thing smacks of a set-up for the show, and not an actual thing that happened. But if it were real, Elodie? Is kind of an asshole. It's one thing to fuck Heidi over, but it's another thing to purposely fuck over everyone you used to work with. This doesn't just make Heidi look bad; it makes everyone at Bolthouse look bad. Way to burn bridges, Elodie. Heidi breaks the bad news to Spencer, and sort of blames him for pushing her into this promotion. Heidi says, "I love you," and Spencer replies, "No, you don't." Wow, he's a dick too. Everyone on this show kind of sucks. Except for Lo.

Lauren and Brody talk about Audrina being pissed. Brody says that JB just has a problem with Lo, and Lauren shouldn't worry about it. Brody says he's just trying to mediate. Lauren gets upset, because she says that she and Brody always argue about other people's arguments, and get too involved. Then they start arguing over whether or not they're arguing. They start snuggling on the couch instead. Lauren makes fun of Brody for standing up for everyone. They kiss, but not very passionately, and snuggle up to go to sleep on the couch. Then there's a preview of the rest of the season and it looks AWESOME! Heidi gets in trouble at work, and bitches at Spencer for not working. Lauren and Whitney go to NY for a fashion show. Lauren meets with Jenn, who says that Brody started the sex tape rumors. And then Lauren and Heidi have a face-to-face confrontation!!

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