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When Spencer Finds Out…

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When Spencer Finds Out…

Previously: Heidi told Spencer to hit the bricks and he had to crash with his sister, who had suddenly become friends with Lauren. Brody didn't understand why Lauren was pissed at him, probably because she chose to be all passive aggressive about it. DRAMA!

Lauren invites She-Pratt to her birthday gathering at a bar. She-Pratt isn't sure if Lauren really wants her there, since she's the sister of the devil and all. Lauren assures her it's fine, plus the producers told her it would cause more drama.

Heidi's Apartment. Spencer is there to pick up the last of his stuff (I hope!) and he asks Heidi what their status is. He claims that he's met girl who ask him out, and he tells them that he thinks he has a girlfriend. Heidi totally misses his point, because he was clearly asking if she wants him to date other girls, not if she minds him dating other girls. I think there's a difference. Anyway, Heidi can't believe that he even wants to date anyone else, or is trying to meet people, because she isn't. She sits home! And paints the walls institutional green! And...stares into space! Anyway, they don't really clarify anything except that Heidi tells him that he can date other girls if that's what he wants, but she's all bitchy about it, so you don't know if she's serious. Then she tells him to leave, but in a flirty way, so what the fuck. I think they're still together really, and neither of them is a good enough actor to pull this whole "estranged couple" thing off.

Lauren and Audrina's Apartment. Lo (!) and Lauren drink a toast to Lauren's birthday, and then Lauren opens her present from Lo, which is a heart...necklace? She never really shows it on camera, but she says it's a heart, so I guess that's it. Lauren is worried that she's forgetting to invite someone to her party. She reveals that Frankie can't come. Lo says that Frankie forgot to tell her that he had a girlfriend, so she's not upset that he won't be there. Wait, Lo and Frankie were seeing each other? Where have I been? Lauren says she's in the same boat with Brody, but he will be there tonight. She says that she invited Stephanie, who's worried that Spencer will be pissed if she comes. Lo refrains from ragging on Stephanie and/or Spencer, because she is a better woman than I.

Stephanie's Apartment. She comes home to find Spencer's giant monstrosity...thing in her apartment. I'm not even sure what that thing is. A television? A video game? A fish tank? Anyway, Stephanie is pissed that it's taking up her whole living room and tells Spencer to get it out by tomorrow. She's also pissed that he's eating all her food and just hanging out in her apartment all day instead of looking for a job and his own place, especially when she's doing him a favor by letting him stay there. Spencer claims he's getting a job and tries to change the subject, but then he asks when the maid comes. Stephanie says that she's the maid, and Spencer orders her to wash his sheets. I'd shove those sheets right up his ass. Spencer says he's starting "Operation Win Heidi Back at Any Cost" and Stephanie approves, but he won't share his plans with her because he thinks she'll tell Lauren. Who cares if Lauren knows? It's not like she's going to tell Heidi. Spencer orders Stephanie out of the living room so he can watch 24. When was this filmed? Because there haven't been new episodes of that show in a year. It cracks me up that Spencer probably mentioned that show because he thinks it's cool and hip, and that's true...if you're living in 2002. Stephanie says she's going out and she's done talking to him.

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