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Previously, Lauren and Audrina patched things up. Lo and Audrina? Not so much. Lauren dumped Doug, and Stephanie seemed shady. Wow, Stephanie and Doug mentioned in the same sentence? I wonder what that could mean?

Lauren is packing. Oh, this is so like Laguna! I swear, half of that show was someone packing while their friends stood around and watched. Anyway, Lauren is going on vacation, leaving Audrina and Lo home alone. DRAMA! Lauren drives off, and Audrina looks like she's already plotting her escape from evil Lo.

After credits, Stephanie arrives at LAL's house. Audrina awkwardly tells her that Lauren's not there, but apparently Stephanie is there to talk to her. And get more camera time! Audrina says that she and Lo have been cooking together this week a lot, but they haven't been able to get in touch with Lauren in Italy. Stephanie has a confession: Doug asked her out. Audrina is like, "How dare you go against Lauren! Even though she dumped him!" She conveys this with no emotion in her face, as usual, although she does lift her eyebrows. Stephanie's skin looks great this week. Anyway, Audrina advises her to wait and talk to Lauren before taking action. Stephanie wonders how Lauren would even find out, and if that's your first question, there are shady activities happening. But she is Spencer's sister and thus, inherently shady. Did I just agree with Brody again? I have GOT to stop doing that.

Bolthouse. Heidi and Kimberly talk about some event. Heidi wants to bring Spencer, and Kimberly agrees that they'll have time to chill together. Heidi wants them to get out of their rut of staying in all the time. Well, it helps if you have friends that want you to go places.

Audrina and Lo have lunch together at Fred Segal. They seem to be getting along just fine. Lo asks Audrina what happened after JB blew off that concert. Audrina says that he apologized, and Lo advises her to "make decisions" for herself. I don't even know what that means. They decide to go out tonight. Do these two stick to one conversational topic for more than ten seconds? I think it's because they really don't get along or at least don't care about each other, and yet they are contractually obligated to hang out, especially when Lauren's not around for filming. Audrina brings up the whole Doug/Stephanie thing. Lo is shocked. Audrina wonders why anyone would want sloppy seconds. Is she referring to Doug or Stephanie? Either way, it kind of still works. Doug is seconds and Stephanie is sloppy.

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