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Lo and Audrina hit a club and Spencer and Heidi show up. They all spot each other and Heidi decides to say hello. She sits right down and she and Audrina start the same conversation they always have about how they used to be friends and why don't they hang out any more and blah blah blah. Audrina remembers that she has awesome gossip, and brings up the Doug/Stephanie thing. Even Heidi knows that Lauren has had a thing for Doug for a long time. Even though she dumped him. Which Heidi probably doesn't know about. Lo just kind of looks on, abandoned and sad. Heidi invites Audrina and JB to the Bolthouse event the next night while Lo sadly sips her drink. Now she knows how Audrina feels most of the time, I guess.

Heidi and Spencer's apartment. Spencer's on the phone while Stephanie lets herself in. What happened to Holly? Where did she go? Spencer gives Stephanie his typical cold reception. Stephanie looks way too excited to spill her news that Doug asked her out, and even stupid Spencer knows that Lauren will freak out. This whole episode doesn't even have Lauren in it and yet her specter just hangs over the whole episode. It's kind of freaky. Spencer thinks Stephanie should be worried that she's going to get clipped out of Lauren's little posse. Spencer is enjoying this way too much.

Audrina and JB show up to the Bolthouse event. Heidi and Spencer are already there, taking pictures of themselves. Do you think they would cease to exist if they didn't get photographed for 12 hours? Because I'm willing to try to make that happen. They talk about the Batman movie, and Spencer gives his douche-y opinion. Audrina can't wait to bring up her gossip again, and she and Heidi talk about how mixed up Stephanie is, and how much drama that whole crowd gets into. Hmm. I seem to remember Audrina having some parking lot drama with JB not that long ago, right? Anyway, Audrina and Heidi have a conversation like, "We are awesome, and Lauren and her friends are children, and we are adults and so much better than them." That may be my interpretation.

Stephanie meets Doug for dinner. I really doubt Doug would go for Stephanie unless he has a major personality defect I don't know about. He is way too good-looking for her. Stephanie brings up Brody and then acts disappointed that Doug wants to talk about him. They discuss how he didn't tell Brody and she didn't tell Lauren about this date. And then he asks what she's doing afterwards, so is he just trying to get laid? And then Brody's mom comes through and they are totes busted. They deny being on a date, but like that's going to work. Although if they didn't want people to know they were dating, maybe pick a less obvious restaurant.

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