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Audrina and Chiara have coffee at work. Audrina reports that her bonding time with Lo is going pretty well, especially without Lauren around. Audrina says that she's also been hanging with Heidi. And also Stephanie came over and asked for permission to date Doug. Chiara points out that there are plenty of guys that Stephanie could date. Audrina has to invoke Lauren again, since her name hasn't been in this episode enough.

And guess who's home? Lauren! Oh, maybe the shit will hit the fan now, bitches! Lauren reports that Italy is like a construction site where guys catcall you the whole time. Lauren wants to know what she missed. They talk about seeing Heidi and Spencer at the club. Audrina admits that she hung out with them at that event. Lauren has no comment. Lauren's been home for five minutes so Audrina has to bust out with the Stephanie/Doug news. Lo thinks Doug is just trying to make her jealous.

Lauren and Brody go out to dinner. Brody immediately wants to talk about the Stephanie and Doug thing. Lauren didn't know they actually went out. Brody reveals that his mom was the one that busted them, because Doug lied about what he was doing that night. Lauren admits that she's pissed. Brody is kind of "I told you so," and blames Stephanie more than Doug, of course. I don't know. Doug got dumped. I don't blame him. But there is something about not dating your friends' exes without checking with them first. Even though it kind of makes no sense, that is a friendship rule. And she couldn't wait a week or whatever to go out with Doug? I don't know.

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