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Heidi comes home from work and finds that Spencer has packed their bags for a little adventure. He wants to go to Las Vegas to get married. Heidi's face falls. She asks if he already paid for it, and hopes he's kidding. She told him many times that she doesn't want to elope. Spencer thinks family and friends are just distractions, which says a lot about his mindset. Heidi doesn't understand why he doesn't care about her feelings about getting married. Heidi delivers a great line: "This isn't like Spencer's relationship and you get to decide what to do." Spencer thinks the wedding planning is a hassle, and Heidi takes that to mean that he thinks that she's a hassle. She puts her engagement ring down in front of him and walks into her room. Spencer pockets the rings and grabs a suitcase and walks out. You know, I was totally buying that scene until she gave the ring back. That was a little over the top, show.

Bolthouse. Heidi tells Kimberly about what happened with Spencer. She totally spins the discussion and makes herself sound tougher than she was. She wonders how they can figure out their lives together when they can't even fight fair. I'm saying.

Lauren and Whitney go to an outdoor cafe. Whitney has good things to say about her date, but she got a friend vibe. There was no kissing at the end of the night. Lauren gives Whitney lessons on how to duck out on the goodnight kiss without making it awkward.

Spencer returns home with roses and says he spent the night at his parents' house. He asks if they can call a truce, and Heidi wants him to apologize. Spencer says that he respects her need to have a big wedding, and wants to meet her needs. Heidi can't believe that Spencer walked out of their apartment. She claims to accept his apology. Spencer gives the ring back but manages to call her wedding plans "a production" and "an ordeal." So this totally isn't over. If it ever even started. See? I told you I wasn't going to get into the fake reality, and there I went. It's so hard not to call these two on their bullshit.

Next week: Spencer's sister shows up! And Justin-Bobby kisses another girl right in front of Audrina! It's like J-Wahl and Jessica all over again! Every week, I think I'm over this show, and every week, the previews suck me back in.

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