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My Sister, Can I Get Some?

Previously, Audrina spent more time with JB, and Audrina and Lauren agreed to refresh their friendship. Spencer lied to Holly that both he and Heidi wanted her to move out and Holly started to realize that her sister kind of sucks.

Holly asks Heidi and Spencer what they're doing that night. They're boring, and there aren't any red carpet events where Heidi can pull her hair back so tight that her eyeballs are popping out of her head (seriously, did you see those photos?), so they're planning to stay home. Holly thinks she needs to get out and meet people, adding that the only people she knows in L.A. are Heidi and [super long pause] Lauren. Spencer gives a dirty look, and I realize that Spencer's head is completely squared off on the top. Dude is not cute. At all. Heidi tries to be sort of diplomatic about her sister hanging out with Lauren in a passive-aggressive way, and Spencer gets flat-out aggressive-aggressive, telling Holly that as long as she's living under his roof, there will be no fraternizing with Lauren. He actually says fraternizing. I haven't heard that term used since my JV softball team used to have to share a bus to away games with the JV baseball team, and the baseball coach used to yell at us that there was to be no fraternizing betwixt the two. Holly, to her credit, gives Spencer a WTF look and says that she'd like to see a familiar face, and Spencer pouts and stomps out of the room like a child.

People's Revolution. Whitney and Lauren are eating lunch at their desk. Lauren reports that things with Audrina are getting better. Lauren coincidentally gets a text from Holly, which Lauren thinks is "so random." Whitney moves the scene along by pushing Lauren to see Holly, despite the unfortunate Heidi/Spencer connection.

Epic Records. Audrina's at "work," and she's called in to see Kristin, a publicist. Kristin invites Audrina to go to a showcase to see White Tie Affair and help out. It's a big deal because the president is going to be there. Kristin emphasizes many times how important this is, and how Audrina has to be focused on the work.

Lauren meets Holly for lunch. Holly catches Lauren up on her situation. They both agree that their friendship shouldn't be affected by Heidi and Spencer, but Lauren says that she's had some hard times being friends with Stephanie. She adds that it's one thing to get in between friendships, but it's a whole other deal when it's family. Holly tries to get Lauren into reminiscing mode about the great times that they had. Holly seems way more into this friendship than Lauren does.

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