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Previously, Heidi begged to get her fake job back and got a second chance. Holly moved in with Lauren and Lo for a while, after Heidi kicked her out. Audrina and JB were "in a good place" according to Lauren. And Audrina and Lauren were getting along fine -- that is, until Audrina heard the rumor that Spencer and/or Heidi obviously leaked to Perez Hilton. I mean, seriously. Who else on the show would leak all these rumors? And suddenly Perez has "exclusive" rights to the news that Heidi and Spencer got married in Mexico? Girl, please. Spencer is so far up Perez's ass -- actually, I don't want to finish that thought, or I might throw up.

Audrina and her co-worker go out to lunch. Audrina admits that her friend Deano told her that Lauren hooked up with JB. First of all, I'd like to think that Lauren has better taste than that, but then again, she did date J-Wahl for a long time, while he was clearly on drugs. That said, Lauren has never shown anything but disdain and disgust for JB, both in person and behind his back. So Audrina called Lauren, who couldn't even fathom that Audrina would believe such a ridiculous rumor. Audrina is dumb, though, and isn't sure who to believe. She's upset that JB didn't call her about it. Her co-worker advises Audrina not to believe anything she didn't see, and Audrina starts crying. Oh, manufactured drama. I already hate this episode. I think I'm still cranky about Spencer and Heidi's stupid wedding. Although I am enjoying how little coverage it's getting everywhere except Perez and Us Magazine. I've seen like a total of 5 blog posts on it elsewhere.

Lauren and Lo's House. Lauren tells Lo that Audrina is crazy. Lauren laughed when Audrina brought up the rumor, and can't believe that Audrina is even taking it seriously. Lauren jokes, "Yes, Audrina. I did it! I couldn't resist his charm, and his manners, and his impeccable hygiene. I was under the Justin Bobby spell." Lauren is also upset that Audrina called Brody and Frankie, and it seems like Lo says that JB confirmed the rumor? That part was confusing. Audrina is supposed to stop by later, but Lauren wants an apology or their friendship is over. I really can't believe that Audrina believed this. I still fully believe that Spencer's dirty hands are all over this story.

Heidi and Spencer's Apartment. Spencer lets Holly into the apartment and calls her a traitor. Holly ignores him and asks for Heidi, who isn't home. Holly asks him to tell Heidi she stopped by. Spencer whines that Holly moved in with Lauren, and Stephanie had to break the news. Because Stephanie's a little drama queen who likes to stir the pot. I don't know why Holly engages Spencer. Holly accuses Spencer of only caring about himself and not having Heidi's interests at heart. Spencer doesn't think Heidi will want to talk to her.

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