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You Know What You Did

Audrina's still working reception at Epic Records. Heidi shows up to hand-deliver the invites, and Audrina's entire response to her is the following: "..." Seriously. The editing's going wild, to the point where the sound is just cutting out at random intervals, but all we see is Audrina not saying anything to Heidi and finally lying that it was nice to see her. I'm sure the actual conversation was probably awkward, but the way it was portrayed it managed to defy the laws of physics. Audrina then scurries back to tell her co-worker Chiara all about it. My feeling is we've seen Chiara before, but I'm being honest when I say I don't know for sure. Anyway, Chiara manages to stay awake while Audrina recaps more Lauren/Heidi drama: Heidi hasn't called since she moved out; she and Spencer have apparently been talking mad shit about what a loser Lauren would be without Heidi, and even if they can't prove Heidi and Spencer started the sex tape rumors, at the very least Heidi never called Lauren while she was being pelted by rumors. And by Jason's dick, if you believe said rumors.

So after seeing Audrina recap her encounter with Heidi, we now have to hear Lauren tell Whitney what Audrina told her about her encounter with Heidi. Neither Lauren nor Whitney will be going to the party. Instead, they'll party at Les Deux. Where they'll be lucky to avoid a Mike Boogie roofie, no doubt.

The ubiquitous "Party Like A Rock Star" serenades us into Lauren and Co.'s evening at Le Deux, where Lauren gets smashed and talks really loudly and starts parading around this Londoner named Jason who she thinks is totally cute. If she thinks she needs to run this guy past her friends for approval, she's drunker than she looks. Boy's cute, Lauren, green means go. Drunk Lauren manages to be sweetly enjoyable, which is good to know.

Over at the House That Good Taste Forgot, Spencer's schmoozing with his d-bag friends (yes, Brody Jenner's there), while Heidi pals around with the truly pitiable Jen Bunney. Those two so totally deserve each other, and not just because of how their faces are now freakish mirror images of each other. They talk about how they're both making fresh starts, and Heidi admits she wishes Lauren were here.

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