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Previously: Spencer was a needy bitch. JB wouldn't commit to being Audrina's boyfriend. Teen Vogue was having a Young Hollywood party, and Whitney was put in charge.

The church is set up for the Teen Vogue party. Lisa Love tells Whitney and Lauren that it looks great. Lisa dictates that Lauren will be backstage and Whitney will be front of the house, and adds that front of the house will be horrible. Wow, thanks for making it sound so fun, Lisa! She's counting on Whitney to make this work, and she wants the fashion show to start on time. She's very adamant about this last facet, so anyone who has watched television before knows that the show will be delayed.

Bolthouse. Heidi's fake job. Heidi gets flowers from Spencer for her twenty-first birthday. Heidi's co-worker Kim invites her out to lunch for her birthday. Bolthouse doesn't really seem like the kind of office where people gather in the break room for cake, does it?

Epic Records. Audrina's fake job. Audrina is having lunch with Chiara, a co-worker. Audrina is going to se a band called The Ruse with JB that night. Chiara asks if she and JB are officially dating, but Audrina's not sure. Why, oh why, is she with him? She's cute! He's...gross and annoying. (Not very) smart women, foolish choices.

Lunch. Heidi and Kim settle in at a table. Heidi thinks, in the way only someone who's barely of age can, that she's already grown up a lot. Heidi says she's going out with Spencer tonight. Kim is surprised that Heidi's not partying it up more, since she's turning twenty-one, but Heidi says that she just wants to be with Spencer. Also, she has no other friends. She left that part out. I think if you had a party of people who hate Heidi, it would be a way bigger (and more fun) crowd than a party of Heidi's friends.

The Church. Whitney and Lauren are trying to get the gift bags together. They talk about the seating arrangements, but the whole thing seems quite unplanned if the show is that night. And I say this as a former event planner. This shit should have been worked out weeks ago.

The Church. The director of PR for Vogue gives Whitney some tips on how to seat the fashion show, and assures her it will work, but reminds her it has to happen in fifteen minutes. So she has to get a crowd of over three hundred people, who will all be milling about and having their pictures taken for the tabloids, to sit in unassigned seats, in fifteen minutes. Good luck with that.

Lauren and Whitney discuss how to work their walkies. Whitney is already confused by the technology. People are already coming in. Backstage, Lauren starts getting the models ready. Lisa Love heads outside to check out the red carpet, which is getting backed up because everyone is posing for photos. They show a bunch of shots of the people who are apparently Young Hollywood, but I don't recognize anyone, because I am Old Not Hollywood. Whitney is nervous that people won't even be in the church on time, so she pushes the fashion show start back a half hour. Lauren is worried. Lisa will be pissed! That's the one thing she was adamant about!

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