The Imperfections Of Memory

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The Loves & The Lives Of Man & Machine
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Just like with BSG, the previouslies are becoming increasingly important to the canon of the show. I'd imagine if you hadn't been through this with the previous series, it might be confusing: "When did she say that? When did that happen?" Luckily, here it's the voiceovers that do the trick, settling accounts and firming up storylines with a minimum of muss and fuss -- plus, no drummy spoilers to freak out completists. Now, if you think about like a writer, you can see that these things are obvious to the staff because they know the whole story already, but as a viewer it's good to just know that yes, the story is going this way rather than that way, so don't waste gas going down cul-de-sacs. (Even incredibly romantic cul-de-sacs about cute boys.)

So this week, there's two essential things that draw the line under sorta-ambiguities: Lacey's voiceover ("I'd do anything to help my friend, even enlist the help of terrorists from the STO") and Zoë's ("I'm hatching my own plan to escape from the lab"). Of course they are both givens by the end of the episode, but if you were wondering whether Zoë and Lacy's boyfriend troubles are completely ambiguous -- sweet and terrifying in equal measure -- now we know for sure. Lacy knows exactly what Barnabas is (and by the transitive property, generally what Keon is), while Zoë's Rachel Suit is (sadly) at least as much about Operation Dumbo Drop as it is about Philo being absolutely perfect in every way.

Speaking of the continuously more-muddled agendas every single person is working, let's hie ourselves to the Willow house, where husbands Nestor and Olaf are jumping around with nervous cult energy because of last week's drunken swipe drive mission by good old Sister Clarice. There's much in the way of computer talking, but the basics are that the Zoë avatar was on the computer she snooped, but that it also is not, because it's been downloaded "into another device." Which begs two obvious questions: First, if it's there then it's there (which doesn't count because of the curious and necessary alchemy between Zoë's soul, Zoë's body, and the MCP itself, and we'll get to that); and second, if it was downloaded, it's somewhere.

"And if it's somewhere, we can have our Resurrection," says Clarice, who has just woken to alertness in a blink. (Clicks into place: These good STO guys are all about Resurrection, but don't care about the bodies: Just Rapture. The disconnect here, the tragedy, then, would be how the Cylons eventually lose the plot w/r/t the eternal soul and focus on regaining their bodies, which is gonna make things super shitty for everybody, in about fifty years.) So if he moved it somewhere, they reason, Daniel knows where it is now (wrong), which gets Clarice to smile with canary feathers poking out of her sensual mouth: "Amanda Graystone goes to the Memorial every morning. I think she could do with a shoulder to cry on, poor little thing." Cold as ice! Won't last, though.

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