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This Little Piggy Started A Modeling Agency

Janice says that Teresa can have the floor, but when she doesn't show up for a valuable consultation without even the courtesy of a call, she doesn't have a cardboard box to stand on. Teresa says that she freaked out about getting the surgery, and adds that she didn't know if she was getting the surgery that day or if it was just a consultation because Janice didn't make that clear. Earlier in the episode Janice did, in fact, say that it was a consultation, so shut up Teresa. This is totally the battle of the crackhead bitches. Janice says that she's not going to start cutting things off of Teresa's face; she's only trying to help her. Teresa didn't have the courtesy to call, and her manners suck. Teresa says that she should have showed up, but can't do anything about it now. Janice says, which is true, that Teresa could have come in without an attitude. Teresa starts to talk back, and Janice finally says, "I'm sensing a fucking bitch right now." Teresa says, "You know, that's very funny that you would say that because..." and Janice answers, "I am a bitch. But I can sense a fellow bitch. And I'm not liking it. You've gotta go." Dude, the first rule of interacting with Janice is that you never remind her that she's a bitch, because this brings on her full bitch powers. Janice tells Teresa to get out and not come back. Teresa says that she won't come back. Janice says, "Good," and shakes her head. Janice loves to have the last word.

Janice voices over that she's upset because she still believes in Teresa. She asks Duke and Gabe whether she did the wrong thing. Gabe says that she had to wash herself clean of Teresa, and that Janice is just her agent, and would Janice ever go to her agent and demand a place to live. Gabe interviews that Janice became attached to Teresa, like a homeless, flea-ridden puppy, and that she does that with a lot of people. The more tragic the story, the more Janice loves them, but at the end of the day she needs to be cutthroat if she wants to be a successful businessperson. Gabe is totally right. Janice says that she never asked anyone for anything except work. And drugs. Janice interviews that she harbors no ill feelings for Teresa, and hopes that she makes her mind up, has less of an attitude, and gets her life together. She says that if Teresa comes back to her, she might give her a second chance. I sense a sequel!

Next week: more open calls, and Janice books her first job. And Peter and Janice butt heads over a slutty would-be model. I'll leave it up to you to try to guess who is on which side of that particular debate.

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