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This Little Piggy Started A Modeling Agency

Peter tells Janice that she has done a much better job with the men than with the women. Janice asks Peter if he wants to step outside. Fight! Fight! Fight! Peter says that he's just telling her the truth. Janice says that she believes in her girls. Peter busts out with, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" Janice is all, "I have slept with Jack Nicholson and you, Mr. Pork, are no Jack Nicholson." Janice says that just because some of the women are overweight now doesn't mean that they won't get it together. She says that she believes in them. Peter says that she'd better believe real hard, because there's not a lot of quality material there right now. Janice interviews that from a business perspective, Peter expected her models to be camera-ready and able to work. Oh, that Peter and his crazy ideas! Janice tells us what we already know -- that that isn't exactly the case, because her models need a lot of work. Able to work, need a lot of work. It's all the same to Janice! Janice tells Nyabel that she needs to run twice a day, five times a week. She says that the weight's coming off, but needs to do so faster. I should add that Janice is totally munching on something right now as if to say subliminally, "I'm 51 and still a size zero, so start moving that ass of yours, Peppermint Fatty."

Janice tells Lauren that she and Nyabel should become best friends slash exercise buddies to help shed those excess pounds. Lauren defensively says that that's what she's trying to do. Janice says that Lauren needs to double down, and adds that she knows for a woman that this is one of the most difficult things to hear. Janice says that she was bloated the other day so she went to the gym and worked out for three hours, and that's why she's eating chocolate now. Well, that's a better personal life example than, "In 1981, I felt really fat one day and so consumed only cocaine and celery for six straight years!" Janice tells them that they have to try harder. She interviews that Lauren and Nyabel have some time to lose the weight, but the progress that they've made so far indicates that they're not doing the work. She tells Lauren and Nyabel to leave the room and says that she doesn't want to hurt their feelings, but they have two weeks to get in shape. Ah, the practical Janice comes through. Peter adds that it's a horrible ugly business. Janice interviews that Lauren and Nyabel should now have some extra incentive to get it together, and says that she knows that with six weeks of proper diet and exercise they'll be on their way. The other models watch the fatties leave the room. Thankfully, neither Lauren nor Nyabel gets stuck in the door.

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Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency




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