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Bonjour, Bitches! Part Deux!

Janice wants Peter Pork to be her partner. She says that he's not going to get her to say it again, and she doesn't get on her knees and beg. She then immediately gets on her knees and begs. It's cute, even with her paralyzed face. Also, have I mentioned her slamming outfit? She looks amazing. Peter says that he's going to go home and think about it, and adds that he feels that there could be a good connection there. Oh man, he totally wants to "merge" with Janice's "start-up business," if you know what I mean. I'm sure he could do that without actually merging with her start-up business, however. Peter Pork interviews that there are some pros and some cons, and he needs to think the whole thing through. He admits that it's not a prudent business move, but I have a feeling he's going to do it anyway just so he can nail her. Necrophiliac.

Meanwhile, some time passes and it is the morning of Janice's invite-only casting call. We see Janice's son, Nathan. He's cute and looks remarkably innocent. Janice voices over the following: "Nathan's role in getting my business started." Say it with me now: "Is....?" Given Janice's nebulous command of sensible language, I don't know whether to blame this on the editors or not. Janice continues that Nathan has really stepped up to the plate; he has great advice, Janice trusts his instincts, and he's always on Janice's case to calm it down. Janice brings out a giant photo of her daughter, and says again that the success of her agency is so important to the future of her family. SO IS YOU NOT BEING A CRACKHEAD. I love her, I really do, but man. Once again, Janice's home appears lovely but relatively modest. Not modest for me, per se, but somewhat modest for The World's First Supermodel.

Janice says that she's nervous about the invite-only casting call. Nonetheless, she looks fabulous in a suit featuring a bright red scarf tied around her neck, presumably to keep her head attached. She's anxious to see who arrives, and hopes to find a model with the "it factor." Janice drives her car herself, which makes me kind of nervous. On the way to the casting call, Janice says to Nathan that she didn't think he came home last night, and thought he was out gambling. Ah, the good old addictive gene takes many forms. Nathan replies, "What? I don't gamble that often. I've stopped." Nathan is eighteen. I'm just saying. As she dials her jewel-encrusted cell phone, Janice says that Nathan should have a little cash in his pocket since he's working on production, and is part of the crew and cast. She adds that he's doing a better job on production than he is in front of the camera. Nathan says that he doesn't like being in front of the camera. The ultimate form of rebellion for a spawn of Janice! I like it. Janice says that Nathan has a big mouth, and he says, "Well I wonder who I got that from?" Heh. He laughs, and Janice gives an exasperated look to the camera. Cute.

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