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Next is young Brittany, with her new fiery red hair. Mathu says that Brittany has a certain fairy-like quality. They put branches in all of her photos to tie them together. Gabe says that Brittany is their glorious little freak, and looks like a real model. That's a change from what the agency normally sees. Suzi Picozzi, Brittany's mom, says that it looks like something you'd see in a French Vogue magazine. She says that there are no words to describe how it feels to see daughter looking so modelesque and realizing her dream. I'd say the appropriate words are, "living vicariously through my child." Mathu says that's a wrap, and we're out.

After the shoot, Peter informed Janice that Fargo needed to speak with them. Peter says that Fargo "called him" (a.k.a. mentioned right after he boned her) to say that Brittany and her mom were thinking of leaving the agency. Fargo is such a snitch! Peter says that Brittany is one of the few models that everyone agrees can make them money right now. Losing her would be a real Fargo-sized blow to the agency. Peter asks Fargo to tell Janice what's going on. Fargo says that Suzi is concerned because Brittany got lots of callbacks from Vegas. Janice says that she's feeling the competition and maybe she's feeling that she...and Fargo finishes the sentence with, "Can do better." Janice gives a look like she wants to kill Fargo. She asks if Suzi said that verbatim, and asks Fargo to be very precise. Fargo says that Suzi is concerned because she wanted answers about whether Brittany is going to be signed. Brittany has other options, so if Suzi doesn't get answers today or thinks that Janice is refusing to work with them, she's going to go to L.A. Models or another agency to get what they want.

Janice, always one to grab the bull by the balls (literally, one wild night in Pamplona in the '70s) calls Brittany and her mom in for a meeting to get their side of the story. Brittany comes in and has brown hair, so this was before both the Mathu Andersen shoot and the Virgin Megastore show. Janice says that she heard that Suzi and Brittany were concerned about getting paid, and that they were going to visit the L.A. Models agency. Suzi says that she would be stupid not to follow up with every option for Brittany. Janice says that it was very backstabbing in a way, and that she is very, very upset about it. Cut to Brittany, who is totally starting to cry. Imagine what it would be like to be caught between Janice and your showgirl stage mom. The poor thing. Suzi says that if they're feeling that Suzi's going to be a problem, and Brittany's going to be a problem, there are other options and they'll go. Is it a bluff or has she, in fact, come to her sense and decided to leave the agency? We shall find out after commercials.

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