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When we return, Kodi is saying that the milk is spilt. Janice voices over with outrage that Brittany and her stage mom have been telling the other models that they have been thinking of leaving the agency. Suzi says that Brittany just wants to model. Janice says that she wants Brittany to model, and that she should model because she was born to model. The poor Britster is still crying. Duke and Gabe are hanging around in the background, per usual. Suzi says that there's no malicious intent whatsoever. Janice says that she believes that, and adds that she wants them to stop talking to her other models about leaving the agency for another option. She says to buckle up. Peter tells Brittany that he's not upset with her, and that she shouldn't cry, because it's all a misunderstanding. Janice says that shit happens. She hugs Suzi and tells her to keep her mouth shut. She then hugs Brittany and says that she should be confident about her career, and to go out there and be a star. Suzi tells everyone that just so everyone knows, they want to be there. Outside, she tells the camera that Brittany does want to be with Janice, but should Janice decide to drop her, they need to have a backup plan. Fair enough.

And then out of nowhere, Janice tells us that she is still a supermodel and thus has an amazing shoot in Puerto Rico, but before she goes she wants to spend some quality time with her kids. Thus, she is taking them to Universal Studios. They head into the "Revenge Of The Mummy" ride, which was inspired by Janice herself. Nathan says that everywhere they go, people grab Janice and want a picture with her, which is annoying. All he wants to do is go on the Jurassic Park ride. He says that they've been there for two hours and haven't even gotten close. Okay, Nathan is totally cute. He's just like a big kid. As they approach Jurassic Park, Savvy looks concerned. She says that she's really scared for most of the rides because she can't do roller coasters. Nathan tries to coax her, but Janice tells him that she doesn't want to make Savvy do something that she doesn't want to do. Nathan says that Savvy only doesn't want to do it because she doesn't know how good it's going to be. Janice tells Savvy that it's not a roller coaster and then hugs her. Nathan tries to interject, and Janice mouths, "Shut up." Savvy tries to pretend that she's not tall enough to go on the ride. If they had a breathalyzer test, Janice could use that for an excuse. They go on the ride. Savvy says that the whole time she felt like she was going to throw up. We see footage of them on the ride. I have to say that even though it's random, the whole thing is also kind of cute and makes me forget all the times when Janice scares the hell out of me.

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