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When we return, there is more ugliness. There is one woman who is 6'3"1/2. Kodi says that she's too tall. Janice tells us that they have not found one potential model in the casting call. A line of people stands before Janice, and she tells them that they all have great faces and great vibes, but they're too short for her agency. She says that it's painful for her to sit there and say, "No, no, no," to all the kids who come through with hope and strength, and who believe that they can be models. "What makes me Pope?" she asks. The ability to pull off a really tall, kicky hat, perhaps? Next, Kodi asks some guy to take his top off, and dual nipple rings are exposed. Janice asks, "Why'd you do that?" Janice asks a girl what's up with her bruised knees. The girl says that she works at Sugars. Janice asks what Sugars is, as if she doesn't know. The girl explains that it's a gentlemen's club. A disgusted Janice -- and if Janice is disgusted, that's saying a lot -- says, "So you're on your knees when you work?" She is totally calling that girl a hooker. The girl says that she has to crawl around on the stage. Janice tells her that she should get kneepads. The girl says that you can't walk around naked with kneepads.

This prompts an interview where Peter says that they're running low on quality people. He adds that there are always a few diamonds in the rough, but today those diamonds are really, really hard to find. Cut to a possibly albino forty-nine-year old woman named Carol. Kodi looks at a loss, and Janice yells out, "I think she's very pretty." I mean, I'm not the pope either, but I have to say that Carol is the opposite of pretty.

Kodi interviews that he thinks they need to have more casting calls to see as much talent as possible. He says that the days are long and tiresome, but it's necessary. Peter says that the reality is that Los Angeles is a really picked-over market. If you have what it takes to be a model in L.A., you're probably already signed with an agency. He adds that in the future, the agency needs to get outside of L.A., and to scour the rest of America for the next big model. Hey, it's my big chance!

But then, in more positive things, it's time for the female models to see their Mathu Andersen shots. Yay! Janice's hope is that Mathu's photographs will help her to sell the girls to high-fashion clients in the future. Trisha is first. Janice asks what she thinks. Trisha says that they're amazing. Her photos are really gorgeous. Trisha mentions something about the shoes on the shoot hurting her feet. Janice tells Trisha that she needs to eat, sleep, and live in shoes, because that's the crux of a model. The crux? Really? Janice asks Trisha if she's able to do this, and Trisha says absolutely. Janice says that she sees Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, and Tatiana Patitz in a new face. All of those models look totally different from one another, but okay. I actually think that she looks most like Claudia Schiffer. Trisha is happy, and says that she thinks Janice finally sees her real potential, and that makes her feel very satisfied.

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