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Previously: The agency had to deal with some unsatisfied clients, and also with Janice swearing at and pushing Peter. What, no clip of Janice falling off of the chair? That is total B.S.

Janice begins by telling us that the agency lost a huge client in Frederick's of Hollywood, because it couldn't meet their need for busty hos. That cannot happen again, because Janice has bills to pay, yo. In every staff meeting the same thing comes up: where is the agency going to get models that can actually, like, model? Cut to a staff meeting, in which everyone is lamenting the agency's models. Duke and Gabe aren't actually lamenting anything; as usual, they're just sitting on either side of Janice. Well, maybe they're actually lamenting the state of their lives. Janice says that none of the models can walk, and they're not so good at posing either, or speaking in front of the camera. I'm having a hard time seeing the positive side of this arrangement. Peter says that that's the agency's problem. They have all new models, and need to find some working models, stat. Kodi says that he can do something if they let him make some phone calls. Janice tells him to stop talking and do it, and then says that they gave Kodi a few days to put a last-minute casting together, once again in the L.A. area. Meanwhile, Janice and Peter are going to put the agency's resources into the models that are making them money.

What this means is that a select few girls are going to have a shoot with one of Janice's favorite photographers, Mathu Andersen. You may remember him from America's Next Top Model, where he did makeup and the occasional photo shoot. And Mathu actually posted on the forums and said that he was with Gabe at the time he appeared on JDMA, but isn't anymore. Sadsy sad! Anyway, Janice says that she's done "thousands" of shoots with Mathu Andersen. We know that Janice has her own special way with numbers, so I don't know if that figure holds for statistical accuracy. She says that Mathu is one of the top-tier photographers in the industry. Why was he the makeup artist on Top Model then? Perhaps that "u" at the end of his name really held him back. Captions tell us that Mathu has photographed Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, and Nikki Hilton. That kind of experience with the young skanks should come in handy. Janice says that the shoot won't be inexpensive for the agency, but the goal is to build the girls' portfolios and demonstrate their range to potential clients. Stina, Brittany, Petra, Crystal, and Trisha are the lucky models who get to shoot with Mathu.

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