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Jason tells us in an interview that as soon as Sorin walked in, they knew he was perfect, and was someone that they'd definitely want for an ad campaign. Cut back to Jason asking Sorin about his tattoo. Sorin inexplicably looks down at his penis. Perhaps Sorin's penis yells, "Deplane! Deplane!"? Sorin then looks over at his actual tattoo and strokes it, and then says, "Tell you about what?" Jason repeats, "Your tattoo," and asks why he got it. Sorin says that it's his own design. Jason asks what the inspiration for it is, and Sorin says that it's tribal. Janice tries to interject and fool the 2(x)ist people into thinking that Sorin has a personality just because she does. Jason tells Sorin that he needs to be able to interact more and talk comfortably. Andrea, who we discover is the PR director, notes that the event they're hiring the models for requires them to speak about the line and interact with people. Janice, sensing crisis, interrupts her to ask Sorin to tell her how he feels about the underwear. Sorin again looks down at Tattoo/Sorin Jr. and says, "I never wear it but this is my type." It's totally like on Family Feud when the question is something like, "Name a type of cookie," and the family member next to the end says, "Butternut squash," and after a pregnant pause everyone else on the team has to say, "Good answer, good answer," and clap, even though they know they're getting five dollars a point and little Susie's dream of college is not to be. Peter Pork just laughs. Janice asks Sorin what he likes about the underwear and tries to prompt him by saying, "Everything. Everything." But he says, "What I like? It's nice. It's comfortable." Sorin is sent off. Janice says that she's proud of her guys. Jason says that they're pretty good, and Janice says, "Pretty good? They're off the chain." Except for Sorin, who will doubtlessly get 40 lashes for his poor performance today.

Jason, Janice, and Andrea look through photos of the models. The top four are T.J. II, John, Sorin, and Paul. Andrea notes that Sorin doesn't speak, and Janice says that he's just shy. In all fairness, it could be a language barrier, but that still doesn't make him right for the job. In the end, Jason removes Sorin from the pile. The male models line up, and Janice says that they did a great job walking around with their rabbits stuck in the skivvies. It's down to three guys, and they are, as we know, T.J. II, John, and Paul. T.J. tells us that he's wanted to "do underwear" ever since Mark Wahlberg did it for Calvin Klein, so this is a dream come true. T.J.: Gayer than we thought. T.J. is also excited to go to New York.

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