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The Big Crapple

Backstage, the boys, still in their skivvies, man-hug and shake hands and tell each other how well they kicked ass. Jason tells the boys that he was excited and overwhelmed at how well they did.

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Nathan learns that Janice is coming home. He has to clean up the house, which is pretty messy. That boy is so whipped. Janice voices over that New York was great, the event was a success, and her models were a huge hit. She yells to Nathan that she's home, and asks him to come and help her with her luggage. She tells us that she and Nathan had gotten into a huge fight before she left over how she dressed and his education -- "the standard mother-son dilemma." Yes, I don't know how many times my mom and brother engaged in the "You look like a whore/stay in school" argument over dinner. Janice says that she's always trying to balance her job with her role as a single mother. She says that she's happy to be home, and gives Nathan a big hug.

Next week: Janice jumps in a fountain in a one of a kind dress that, Gabe tells us, "Is now destroyed." Say it with me now: "Coke and booze! Coke and booze!"

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Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency




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