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Meanwhile, we're back on the set of 7-10 Split. Chrisanne, who is wearing a hideous pink wig, says that a lot of the models are very nervous and hope they won't trip. The models start walking down the runway. Andy notes that it was hard to walk down the runway, pose, and walk back, because there were a bunch of cameramen in the way. I think this would be the perfect time for Lew Zealand to show up and start throwing some fish.

Before you know it, the film shoot's over, and we're at the photo shoot with the other models. Peter says that this campaign was for in-store posters, and also for their website and look book. Christian had originally chosen two male and two female models for the shoot, but because he's becoming such an important client, Peter made a deal where he doubled the number of models Christian chose. I was wondering why Fargo was there. But seriously, that was smart! I kind of underestimated Peter. Christian was ecstatic, and a lot of the young models got incredible exposure, according to Peter. Fargo poses sexily. Crystal, who now has short blonde hair, says that it was cool to see how hands-on Christian was with the models. Christian gives the models signed posters of their work, and Peter says that he knows Christian was extremely happy.

Janice tells us once again how great her agency is. She says that she has been noticing how some models get jobs consistently, while others never get booked at all. She's invested resources developing the models, and she needs to figure out which ones are going to make a name for the agency, and which ones are dead weight. Hooray! We have some dream crushing to look forward to!

Next week: Janice and Peter brawl. Seriously...fisticuffs!

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