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Next is cute Andrew, who I can't believe is being cut. HE IS SO CUTE! Peter gives the whole "fear in the eyes deer in headlights" excuse. Peter says that Andrew will have to totally change who he is inside to be successful in the business. I do not believe that. Janice tells Andrew that he's not confident enough yet. Andrew tells us that Janice thinks that he has it, and Duke and Gabe think he has it, and that Peter is just one little man in this industry. Well, maybe one medium-sized man. Nevertheless, Andrew says that he is going to go out and rock it and Janice is missing out.

And then last is Claudia, who totally knows what's coming. Oh, it's so sad! Janice tells her that she's not right for the agency, but she doesn't want them to stop Claudia from following her dreams and ambitions. She says that she loves Claudia and will always love her, and adds a, "Get it?" Oh, Claudia gets it. She just nods sadly. Janice says that it was so hard for her to let Claudia go, because she knew her before she opened the agency and has always loved her, but unfortunately the agency is a business and there's no place for Claudia there. Claudia tells us that she doesn't want to be a crybaby and so is trying to hold it all in. She really wanted to work with Janice, even though she's very difficult and very outrageous. Claudia gets the award for diplomacy in the face of adversity. Oh, it's so sad! Trish cries as she hugs Claudia and says that it's heartbreaking to see all of the wonderful girls and guys getting cut, because they've all become close. It's hard for me too! Okay, but only with Andrew and Claudia. And really, only a little bit. Okay, I just had a Jolly Rancher and felt a lot better about the whole thing.

Suddenly, we are on the Sunset Strip at 9:30 PM. The remaining models line up before Janice, who is decked out in a more couture version of Cher's ringmaster outfit when she introduces "The Cherest Show on Earth." Janice, Kodi and Peter tell the group that eight of them will be on the new faces board, which means that they're not ready to be full-time models yet, but the agency will work on developing and grooming them so that at some point in the future they will be. The rest of the models will be on the management board, which means that they'll be pimped to all of the agency's clients worldwide. This is apparently standard practice for agencies. Janice announces the new faces models. They are: Marlon, T.J. Bates, Lauren, Bryan, Timika, Marcus (who, in a show of good sportsmanship, says that being in the test group is better than not being in the agency at all), Ben, and Nyabel, for whom Janice continues to express her love.

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