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Stina interviews that she thought some of the remaining models might be cut. Fargo thought the same thing. Janice tells the models that they might be wondering why she dragged their asses to a parking lot on Sunset Boulevard. To bury the evidence, of course. Janice directs the models to look at the giant electronic billboard, upon which they see their own faces. Peter says that the billboard was really Janice's idea, because it's always been her dream to open a modeling agency, and she also loves to look at really big photos of herself, so they married the two ideas. Pierce says that she was so excited when she saw her photo come across. Crystal didn't think that she was going to see her picture, but when she did her jaw dropped. Fargo says that she felt like a doofus because she couldn't stop looking at the billboard, but it's unreal because there are so many people who could be on there, and it's little ole' her from Fargo. Chris Jones, who looks like he is wearing a really bad wig, was totally surprised about the billboard, and says that it's just verification that they have arrived. Then little Nathan chimes in to say that he was incredibly proud, and that seeing the billboard was the first moment when it hit him that the agency was real. Nathan drank the Kool-Aid!

Janice tells her models that it took her thirty-two years to get a billboard on Sunset Boulevard, and now she's turning it over to them. And then, in the midst of this collective whoop of joy, there are frowning faces. Lauren says to Nyabel, "That's bullshit, dude." She interviews that she was like, "Okay, like, this is retarded." She's mad that she's not on the billboard, because she took some amazing pictures. Oh, can it, fatty. Lauren really does look bigger than ever. Also, she seems pretty dumb. Tony goes over to hug Nyabel, who says, "Fuck that, man." Tony says at least she wasn't cut. For reals, man. Nyabel says some junk about the testing board, and what does she have to test. Her ability to look less like a monster and more like Alek Wek, perhaps. It's true what my mom said about a bad attitude making you ugly. Crystal says that it's too bad that she and Nyabel can't celebrate being on the billboard together, since they are the last remaining two of the first round of models chosen and have made it through this whole crazy process together. But, says Crystal, Nyabel will have her time. Nyabel says that things don't always turn out the way you expect them. She adds that she deserves more and will be on billboards soon. Dude, just be happy that your ass isn't on the street. Not only does this bad attitude reek of a false sense of entitlement, but it also ruins the good time of the other models. Let them have their moment.

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