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Au Revoir, Bitches

To put the icing on the cake, Janice hands the models their Zed cards, which are the equivalent of business cards for models. The chosen ones for the management board are: John, Adrian, Trisha, Sarah, Paul, Billy, Natalie, Chris Jones, Chris Vanek, Tony, Maurice, Man-nanny T.J. Wilk, Stina, and Fargo, who Janice says has come a long way despite all the grief that Janice gave her. Fargo says that she feels lucky to still be there. Oh, and there are more: Pierce and Crystal. And, in absentia, Brittany. Janice says that it's long been a dream of hers, once she stopped modeling, to do something that would produce some revenue. Uh, yeah, it's called "work." Jesus. Janice says that the agency was a start-up business in every sense when she opened it. It was just an idea. But now, with models ready to work, the agency is finally ready to arrive. It's time to put her models on the covers of fashion magazines where they belong, generate profits, and see how far they can take this. She says, "This is not the end, honey, this is just the beginning." Oh, my God, does this mean that there will be a Season 2? The models yell, "Hip Hip, Hooray!" as my head supplies the doom-infused minor chord.

Thank you all (or maybe the singular you...) so much for hanging in this season and reading the recaps! This was one weird-ass show. It was sort of like being inside the brain of Janice, which unfortunately holds a lot in common with the "this is your brain on drugs" egg from the commercials. Nonetheless, I do still feel the Janice love, even if the show's editing gave me migraines, and think that the whole experience of watching was worth it just for the one moment when Janice fell out of her chair. In any case, enjoy the rest of your summers and perhaps I'll see you as we all get back on board the Tyra train. In the meantime, I have one word for you -- au revoir, bitches!

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Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency




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