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Janice tells Stina to walk again. Janice then asks the group of models in a very "where's mother's little helper" way if she needs to scream and pull blood for them to see the difference. She asks why she has to be pushed to the point where she makes them understand that they will all be dumped if they don't improve drastically in the next thirteen seconds. Dumped in the dumpster behind the mall where the agency is located. She is not kidding. Also, no wire hangers. Janice then quite quizzically says that she can dance. She can also sing, she can walk, she can talk, she can speak like a model. She's like the Chatty Kathy of refurbished humanoid creatures. She tells Nyabel to smile because she's not allowed to stress out. Then, to continue her effort not to stress Nyabel out, Janice tells her to go walk, talk, act, and think like a model who is replacing Naomi Campbell and Alek Wek in the industry, otherwise she's going to be dumped. Yikes. Even through the T.V. Janice is scaring me.

Peter says that Janice is frustrated, and he's frustrated, and he's glad that she's finally ready to get rid of the models who won't make them any money. Janice says that she is one big question mark with Nyabel. Nyabel interviews that she puts up with all the criticism from Janice because she knew when she came to the agency that Janice would be critical. She says that you could be the perfect girl and Janice will still find something to pick on. Dude, just be glad that she didn't put you on marble rye with mayonnaise and have you for lunch. Nyabel has no sense of perspective.

Janice addresses the full group and says that if they're not there to be models that they should leave and stop wasting her time. Janice tells Peter to say something. Peter says that Janice is so stressed out because it costs money to keep each one of the models. To cut costs, they're going to have to cut quite a few models. Kodi tells the group that at the end of the day, if it's better for the agency to drop everyone and start over, then that's what's going to happen.

And then there are tears from Stina. Janice leads her in a somewhat caring fashion outside to talk. Stina cries and says that she's trying to focus on modeling and to improve. Janice says that she is riding Stina because Stina is her number one girl, and adds that she's not trying to intimidate or assault Stina, because if she wanted to assault Stina she'd use pepper spray and nunchucks. Stina interviews that Janice took the time to make sure she felt comfortable, and that just goes to show her personable Janice is and how much she really cares about the models. I don't know that "personable" would be the first adjective that came to my mind to describe Janice, but there you go.

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