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Meanwhile, Peter sits with Lily Holt and hands her their invoice. He says that he understands that she has a check. I'm surprised she doesn't hand him one of those giant cardboard checks with the amount written in glitter pen. He says that he appreciates her promptness, because normally clients make agencies wait a long time to get paid. This is because you send in the invoice, and then the other company processes it and sends you the check, and with bureaucracy and mail and that sort of thing it takes a little while. Unless you are on a fake-ass reality show! I think Peter is trying to make the moment seem less fake, but the exact opposite happens. I hate it. Peter says that it's a big day for Janice and the agency. Janice, in the first batshit incoherent interview of the episode (which...hey! Twenty-two minutes!), has her legs up on her desk and says, emphatically, yet blearily, "I want this to be business, business, business, strong working business, like it was for me. I don't care who has fun; it's not about having fun, it's about models working checks in the bank." Hey, she left out the transsexuals up her ass and the coke in her nose!

Next on JDMA: Janice books her second job. She and three select models are heading to the Big Apple...in their skivvies. Quelle surprise. And Janice calls Nathan a coddled Beverly Hills spoiled brat! Uh-oh.

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Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency




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