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Meanwhile, Janice calls in all the callback models and announces her picks. Stina is in and starts crying for happiness. There are others including the Afro twins and ANTM Michelle. Then, Fargo, whom Janice unconvincingly hugs. She says that Fargo will have to prove herself. Sarah, of course, is in, as is Claudia. Janice says that Claudia has more potential than half of her models and can walk better than anybody in the agency. We cut to non-commercials. Again, WTF?

When we return after our non-commercials, Janice meets with shoe designer Lily Holt, who is the agency's first client. Lily wants to see some of the models, and says that the most important thing is what their feet look like. That is one job I would not book. Stina says that she's been playing soccer for ten years. Oh, Stina. Sarah's feet are good but she needs a pedicure. Janice asks why she didn't get a pedicure, and asks if she didn't know about Lily Holt. Sarah says that she didn't know. Janice tells her that from now on she needs to keep feet, hands, eyebrows, everything picture perfect. I think this is less of Janice being snooty about pedicures and more of her wanting her models to be audition-ready from head to toe. Lily Holt and Co. like Stina, Natalie, Sarah, and Fargo. Janice seems pleased, despite the presence of Fargo in this list. Janice says that she needs this job to go well, because she needs to start making revenue for the agency.

The chosen models all get pedicures. It's Sarah's first time. She says that it's starting to tickle. The first time I had a pedicure, which actually wasn't that long ago, I totally took a fit of giggles and couldn't stop. It tickles so much. And then all the pedicurists started to talk in Korean, probably about what an idiot I was. And how huge my feet were. I like pedicures, but they also make me kind of paranoid. Janice, who is wearing giant sunglasses and looking a little rough, tells the models to rule the day. Lily tells the girls that she hasn't hired them for a runway show; she's hired them to "mingle with her guests." This is so fake. But now I know who Lily Holt is, so well done Lily Holt! Peter says that the models, and especially Stina, are nervous. It's a different kind of job, because they have to stand around and talk to customers. He says that they all look great, and he's confident that they'll do a good job. Stina has to lie on a table in a bikini. She looks good. Lily says that the girls look fabulous, and adds that she thinks they're going to have a wonderful show today. What kind of show? What's going on? Where are the people? The girls mingle. Stina feels comfortable. Fargo feels more confident. Natalie thinks that they've all done a good job.

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