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Janice voices over that the commercial was a success, and that Fred called her to tell her how pleased he was. Janice feels that the agency is going in the right direction, and is setting sail. She's very proud of the progress that the agency has made since opening its doors. She got into this industry to be part of the picture, and also to let Mick Jagger snort coke off of her clavicle. She says that she's still in the picture. Yeah, because she gave everyone else who was supposed to be in the picture food poisoning and showed up in their stead. Nonetheless, hooray, because Janice is the greatest.

Next week on the JDMA: no idea! There are no previews in the episode I taped! There are, however, credits, which inform us that the theme song to JDMA is called, "Do Ur Own Thang" and was written by the prolific Scooter Pietsch. I knew it! See you bitches next week, and for the love of heaven I hope the forums have a better turnout than they did for the past two episodes.

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Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency




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