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Meanwhile, Peter is wondering where the hell Janice is. He says that he's freaking out, because thousands of models are coming in for the open call that's about to start. Every other agent is in place and ready for the event to start, and frankly, he's a little disappointed in Janice right now. You can tell that he thinks she's been on a wild bender, which in fact she might have been. Cut to Peter saying, "Guys! Guys!" as Duke, Nathan, and a new character who is Judd Mitner, Janice's Hair Colorist, appear on the scene. They explain about Janice's eye issue, and say that she's in the emergency room and will be back in three or four hours. Peter asks if it's critical and will she lose her eyesight, and Nathan emphatically says that she can't open her eye and can't see. Aw, Nathan is totally defending his crackhead mom! With this moving moment, we head to commercials.

When we return, Peter sarcastically asks, "Scratch your cornea from sleeping?" Nathan says that he's never done it, but then again...and everyone laughs. I bet there are a lot of things that Janice has done that Nathan hasn't, including sleep with a woman. Peter says that they need to think quick, and should already be in the back room with the agents. They then decide to...go to the back room with the agents. Excellent job on the quick thinking, guys.

Meanwhile, Janice does leg exercises outside of the emergency room. I am not kidding. She leans up against a big pole of some sort and tells us that she hoped that she'd get a cute doctor. Lo and behold, she did, in fact, get one. She doesn't seem as excited as you'd think about this, which makes me think that her pain is real. She says that she has a scratch slash abrasion on her eyeball. The doctor gave her antibiotic drops and an eye patch and told her that it would heal when it heals. Janice sarcastically says, "Great," and notes that she's going to have to judge models looking like Captain Hook. Better that than Long John Silver, my friend.

Meanwhile, at the model convention, there is a big runway with people sitting all around. Peter explains that the agents sit in the audience while the models walk up and down the runway wearing a number. At first I thought he meant "number" as in "a hot little number," but then I realized that they're literally wearing a paper with a number on it somewhere on their person, like they were in a race. Janice should do that to denote her constant race against obscurity. If the agents like what they see, they write down the number and see that particular model the next day at callbacks. We see some models and they are not very impressive.

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