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The models all walk in a long line in front of the scouts, who are set up at tables. Janice says that it was like a dog show, and was weird. It really is. She interviews that she couldn't make obvious faces of dislike because she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Well that's a first. And also a lie, because at the cattle call Peter likes someone and Janice says quite loudly, "No. There are BAGS under her EYES." If only everyone could wear a patch. Janice interviews that she just wanted to walk out, and back on the scene she says, "Ugh. This is painful." Just like a nail file to the eye.

Finally, along comes a girl that Janice likes. Her name is Brittany and she's sixteen. Janice says that she wants her, and Brittany says that she wants to be with Janice. I don't really get what's so great about Brittany aside from the fact that she is really young and skinny. Though I guess those are two traits that are considered pluses in the world of modeling. Janice interviews that she made it through the most arduous day ever. I am always impressed when she uses words that I would have never suspected that she knows. She says that hopefully she'll be able to take a better look at the models they liked tomorrow, using her other good eye. She has three eyes?

Suddenly it's the next day, and time for callbacks. Janice says that she felt a lot better, and the eye patch was gone. Well that was a serious injury, wasn't it! Janice tells us that she was ready to look at the models, but lo and behold, Peter wasn't there. As Janice talks with some potential models, Peter saunters in. Janice says that she needed Peter, and where was he. Janice says sharply that she was in the hospital yesterday and had an excuse, then says that Peter gets minus ten points. Peter says that there is no minus ten points in their relationship and looks kind of pissed. Oooh, I feel that these two are going to invoke the, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," rule soon. Something weird is going on.

Janice interviews that Peter gave her a load of crap yesterday, and says to look sweetcakes, she was in the emergency room yesterday. Janice tells Peter that all he had to do was pick up the phone and call her, and Peter basks in the glow of sweet irony. But before he can get in a word, Janice says that this is not Days Of Our Lives and that people are waiting. Peter says kind of sarcastically that it's his fault, and Janice tells him to go away for a few minutes because he's spewing bad vibes. As Peter walks he says that there's a way to do a convention and a way not to do a convention. Just like there is a way to do Janice, and a way not to do Janice, and something tells me that he did the latter. Janice interviews that this is the first time that she and Peter really butted horns. What about the whole Fargo incident? She continues that they were in a full-fledged fight, hadn't found one single model, and that she was ready to walk home. All the way back to L.A.? With only one good eye? Well that would make for a good episode.

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