The Judd Apatow Interview, Part II

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The Anti-David E. Kelley
This is the second and final installment of my round-table chat with the creative team behind Undeclared. In Part I, we talked about how the show went from pitch to pilot, which actors are winging their lines, and why Judd Apatow wants them to do it. Joining Apatow are: Kristofor Brown, writer/producer; Jenni Konner, writer; Lew Morton, co-executive producer; Joel Madison, writer/consulting producer, Ali Rushfield, writer; and Nick Stoller, writer. Check out their bios; there's photos and some funny, funny stuff Heathen: I read that Jay basically is Steven. Judd Apatow: There's literally no difference between him and Steven. Lew Morton: He's a little less fidgety on television. JA: He may be making out with more girls on TV than in real life. Ali Rushfield: Steven dresses better, doesn't he? [There's an emphatic "yes" from almost everyone.] JA: Much better. He has professionals dressing him. H: Poor Jay. He's getting killed on this one. Is he here or in Canada? JA: He lives here, but he goes back to Montreal. I guess he tries to get jobs here while he's there, but I don't think he's looking to do theater in Montreal or anything. Kristofor Brown: He likes to play music with his friends. JA: Yeah, he plays in a band that he's created that sounds like Joy Division. H: So nothing like Shaggy's sound at all? Where did that come from? JA: We tried to make him sound like a bad Beck. H: It worked. People were so startled. I stared at the screen in silence. JA: We're not sure what anyone makes of that moment. H: Timm's perfect, too. You really nailed it with casting. He's fun to watch. What else had he done? JA: Um, a Bran Flakes commercial, an episode of Spin City, and an episode of Madigan Men. Jenni Konner: And a "The Truth" commercial. H: Ooh, what did he have to do for that? JK: He had to pretend he was a non-smoker. So, have you found anything about the show people have reacted terribly to? Or that they love? H: People love Eric. JK: We love Eric, too. H: People don't harshly criticize the show [on TWoP] that much, honestly. Many of them just found it and love it, and many are Freaks and Geeks loyalists who love this show because of Judd. Oh, and by the way? There's never enough Ron.

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