The Judd Apatow Interview, Part II

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The Anti-David E. Kelley
H: Is there any hope of a Freaks & Geeks DVD? JA: The music is really expensive. That's been the problem. We'd have to go back to Pete Townshend and ask if we can get a good deal on one song. I think eventually we'll get a couple of them out there. I was trying to get all eighteen, but that seems impossible. I think if I pick a few, maybe my two favorites or something, and we have to lose a song or two and make an adjustment, we'll get them out that way. ["Later, I emailed Judd a question about whether he chooses his own music. He replied, 'We have a great music supervisor, but I choose a lot of the music. The writers pick a lot of the songs also. I try to pick songs that won't sound corny and out of date in ten years. Maybe it will all be corny and out of date in ten years. I'm sure the music is corny and out of date in It's A Wonderful Life. But, I try.'" -- Heathen] H: What are your two favorites? JA: I don't really have...well, obviously the pilot, the first one, I liked a lot. I don't really have favorites. I like "I'm With The Band," but that's a really brutally depressing episode. But I just like it because it captures crushed dreams perfectly. And I really like Bill making out with the girl in the closet at the make-out party. I like Bill's mom dating the gym teacher -- I think that story's pretty funny and accurately represents many facets of my childhood. H: Having watched two lauded shows falter like this, does it still feel good or mean anything to get good reviews from critics? JA: Well, yeah! JK: Yeah. JM: You can't predict whether viewers will make you a hit or a miss show. It's so unpredictable as to whether it's going to take off that if you get good reviews, that's a great thing. You can feel good about the work. The rest of it is just so, like, who knows. Shitty shows do good, shitty shows fail. Good shows do good, good shows fail. There's no predicting it. KB: We all believe we've made a good show. We really like it. Anyone who agrees with us -- hey, that helps. H: And you did The Larry Sanders Show too, right? What else? JA: Joel and I, we wrote for many puppeteers. Someone with an old-man puppet. [They laugh.]

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