The Judd Apatow Interview, Part II

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The Anti-David E. Kelley
JK: That one, and one coming up that Kris wrote, which is where Hal gets into a relationship with Amy Poehler. It's really, really great, and Steven gets into a war with Lucien because he's so jealous of Amy that he starts taking it out on Steven and starts punishing him. It's very big and very pranky. It's the Kris Brown Specialty. He's our guy who was in a frat, and worked on The Tom Green Show. H: Oh, so did you write "Rush and Pledge" and "Hell Week"? KB: I wrote first one; Joel and Seth wrote the second one. I love the pilot, too, I could watch the pilot over and over. LM: I have high hopes for "Eric POV," which I haven't actually seen yet. JM: I like "Sick in the Head." AR: "Eric Visits." NS: "Truth or Dare." JA: I like, uh, "Eric Visits" and "Eric Visits Again." I like the "Eric Visits" Trilogy. We can all go upstairs and watch "Eric POV." H: Do you watch much other TV? JA: Oh, just Buffy, Gilmore Girls, The Chair... [laughter] H: Yeah, while I've got you on the topic of that time slot...how about that time slot? JA: It's a hard time slot, because there's a lot of good shows on, other than The Chair. H: John McEnroe hosting a game show, in eyeliner? That's not a good show? JM: No, including The Chair. JA: It's a good time slot and a hard time slot. Like, when Freaks & Geeks was on, it was up against Cops, so we could always say, "Oh, fuck Cops." But we can't really say that about those shows because they are really good shows that we watched before Undeclared came on. H: Has there been any discussion of moving your show to a new time slot? JA: No, and I don't think that'll happen this year. Every year, everything's up for grabs. What do I watch? We all watch Project Greenlight every week. We watch exactly what you think we would watch. KB: A surprisingly large number of us still watch The Real World. JA: I watched Temptation Island the other night and I felt very dirty. They figured out how to cast that show because every single person except one is cheating.

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