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72 Hours

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Just Like Adrian
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Sarah Linden finally got her wish, abducted by shadowy people and involved in the very drama she's been obsessing on for like a million years. Holder found himself the opposite of a savage human sacrifice as he listened to her shit fall apart. Lt. Carlson is still the hottest procedural obstruction on Earth, Gil is still a piece, Darren Richmond and Gwen have 99 problems they barely know about, and Chief Nicole -- surprise! -- hates absolutely everybody in the world.


Linden is in some kind of cage. Not the usual cage she's in, that of being a feral animal in the shape of a lady, but an actual cage. Bed, bathroom... She walks down a future-science hallway like it's a dream sequence of everything white, and then hustles toward a door...

Oh, girlfriend is in the ACUTE PSYCHIATRY WARD. Well. Took twenty-three episodes, which is twenty-two less than it should have, but you know how this show is.

Linden: "...Yep."

Can't blame a girl for trying, but yeah.


Holder: "Why on earth is my crazy-person friend in crazy-person jail?"
Nurse: "The reason for that is, she is crazy."
Holder: "Oh, that makes sense."

Lt. Carlson, suddenly appearing: "Why would this be a problem?"
Holder: "Because it's those darn Indians! The ones that less that thirty-six hours ago crucified me?"
Carlson: "I'm sorry about that, but I can't see the connection. She is a crazy person. She tried to kill herself."
Holder: "I get why you're saying that, and I get that you are going on what you've heard, but something you may not have noticed in the last nine episodes is there's this huge conspiracy? Using you as their patsy? So maybe the fact that you fired her earlier today, and then boxed up all our shit, and then all of that same shit about a murder that happened less than a month ago disappeared..."
Carlson: "I don't have time for this. And also, as anybody would know but this episode needs to tell you eleven times, the only person that can get her out is her psychiatrist."
Holder: "Okay, just think about who your friends are. Because guess what, that group does not include me or Sarah Linden."
Carlson: "Because who I really need to ally myself with, as the new lieutenant of the Dead Girl Closed-Case and Murder Department, is meth-addicts and crazy people that don't even work here."

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The Killing




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