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72 Hours

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Just Like Adrian


Lt. Carlson: "Why is there a meth addict in my car?!"
Holder: "I have information for you. Nowak was at the waterfront to -- get this -- bury some Indian bones off the reservation. Something about his arrest led to a meeting on the tenth floor between Ames, the Mayor and Chief Nicole. Which Rosie saw, and died."
Carlson, making Weird Leap #1: "Seems like you're saying the Mayor sabotaged his own public works project, the cornerstone of his campaign..."
Holder: "Yeah, and Ames did the same with the biggest job of his career. I guess they all knew there was a bigger payday down the road."
Carlson: "Are you saying I'm a patsy to this whole conspiracy? I'm one of the bad guys?"
Holder, with Weird Leap #2: "Not necessarily. Give me Sarah Linden's psychiatrist's name, and we can solve the whole thing. This Cold Case Which Is Not One."

I'm not sure how any of that tracks, even after listening to the conversation a few times to see what I missed, but whatever. I like both these boys and I am not comfortable with Sarah Linden being in the nuthouse, so just get there.


Gwen: "Your poor black kid video is doing viral gangbusters!"
Darren: "We are so knowledgeable about the internet. We grownups."
Gwen: "It was just a random person that filmed it and edited it and put it on fake Youtube and made it go viral!"
Darren: "That's so cool that random people are doing your job for you. It makes me believe in myself! Hey, why did you bring the Mayor here last night?"
Gwen: "Oh, he raped me this one time when I was in middle school."
Darren: "What? That is fucking fucked up!"
Gwen: "Wait, I mean he just kissed me. Not as big a deal."
Darren: "Then I will hold your hand."
Gwen: "I'll take any storyline I can get. Even one that goes on for an entire month and ends up being about a guy kissing me this one time."


Stan: "I got you a dog! And a whore aunt, she moved back in too. But a dog!"
Denny: "He has one eye!"
Terry: "He's a pirate dog!"
Tommy: "I am going to cut him open and paint my body with his blood the second your back is turned. In this way I shall be transformed. My true and terrible nature will reveal itself, and I will become an earthbound God, who sees beyond Time and Space and into the infinite abyss. Your souls will be my playthings."

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The Killing




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