The Killing
72 Hours

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Just Like Adrian

Dog: "That makes me pee. I hate my scary new home."
Larsens: "Pee! Is funny!"
Tommy: "All will burn. This is my decree."


Linden: "I am high as a motherfucking kite. Mental health is the pits!"

She sees a tray of food and, having never eaten anything before, digs the hell in. Doctor Lady shows up at her door, smiling, and they decide to try it again.

Linden: "Surprise! I like talking about the extremely gross details of the murder. I can do this all day. The guy chased Rosie through the woods for hours, beat her with serious hate, but she was alive when the car went in the water. He didn't want to see her eyes."
Doctor: "What's this got to do with Adrian?"
Linden: "I am actually fairly mysterious to myself, Doctor."
Doctor: "No, what's the deal with these two murders."
Linden: "The assumption with the first murder was that the dad did it, and we put him away. But I don't think that's likely because the killer left through the window, which is not what my profiler powers tell me about the dad."
Doctor: "Wait. So you're telling me you're personally involved with a whole other Killing? Which you solved -- in the season finale, so to speak -- but then it turned out you didn't actually solve that one either?"
Linden: "This show is nothing if not consistent, Doc."

Doctor: "So you feel guilty about letting it slide?"
Linden: "My partner was the lead, he was my superior, I followed his instincts instead of my own. But I should have listened to him."
Doctor: "To who? Adrian? Because you think this drawing was him giving you the clue? And this is why you're so insane about Rosie Larsen?"
Linden: "They're going to bury the Rosie case, just like I did Adrian's mother's death. Somebody along the line gets weak, or gets talked down by their superior, or just lazy. Somebody breaks the line, and the case gets buried, and justice dies. I did it, so I know."
Doctor: "Is that why the Rosie case matters?"
Linden: "Girl, I told you why Rosie matters. Because it does. That's the only reason you need. I am a detective."

Doctor: "Can we talk about your mother now?"
Linden: "Fuck you. This whole show is a labyrinth about grief. Not me. You're not going to get to the bottom of me and save me. You're not going to solve me. Not even if you need it, desperately, to solve your own life."

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The Killing




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