The Killing
72 Hours

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Just Like Adrian

Doctor: "Are we talking about you now?"
Linden, verbatim: "No, they're dead. They don't need saving anymore."

Sarah Linden was five years old when her mother left the house to pay the light bill. And she never came back. CPS found Sarah there, the next morning. Just like Adrian.

Linden, verbatim: "That was a long time ago I'm fine now."

Just like Adrian, but just like Mitch too. And Stan. And Tommy and Denny. And Darren Richmond. Waiting in a room for somebody who's never coming back to save you.

Doctor: "Really?"

Linden falls apart. Not like before. Maybe the good way.

Linden: "Whatever you want me to say, I'll say."
Doctor: "You spent the night alone in the dark..."

Sarah cries, she nearly nods. The doctor watches her, closely. And just before she opens her mouth, just before she says her secret, there's a knock on the door: She's been released.

Doctor: "...Sarah, go ahead. What were you going to say?"

Sarah stands, and leaves. They both knew it was going to happen, and then it did.

Stephen's outside with Rick Felder. Dr. -- did we know this? -- Rick Felder. Because why, on this show, as a professional person of any stripe on this particular show, would you not marry your singlemost craziest patient. Although I guess it explains why he was so patient all last season.

Rick: "I'll help get her out, but she's your responsibility now."

Sarah's ex-fiancé signs the paperwork to get her free, and she spots him through the door, but he's gone before she gets out. She's Stephen's responsibility now. Presumably Rick heads back to Sonoma, to fuck other psychiatric patients. Does that even count as a twist? Maybe we already knew that. But either way, duh. Of course he was her psychiatrist. That's so Sarah Linden that she would pull that.

Stan has replaced the Ahmeds' porch light; Stan turns off the lamp in Rosie's room. Two kinds of vigil. A blogger or something takes Gwen's money for setting up the coincidental viral video, one more Dumbo feather in a very empty cap, with 48 hours to go. Chief Nicole and Roberta supervise the renovations upstairs at the casino; they don't even know the keycard's still there, being buried under the floorboards, long into the night.

And Stephen drives her home. He looks over every now and then, to make sure that she's still asleep. That she's not going anywhere.

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The Killing




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