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72 Hours

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Linden: "I know how this works. Can I call somebody?"
Nurse: "I can place a call to a family member."
Linden: "I do not have any of those. Just Stephen Holder."
Nurse: "Hey, say something super fucking crazy right now."
Linden: "I have very important information about a murder case! You are impeding justice! There is a conspiracy on all levels of government and law enforcement!"

Nurse: "Okay, I'll write down your information for the President or the FBI or whatever and I'll make sure they get that information. About your very important conspiracy."
Linden: "How can you even hold me here."
Nurse: "You're on 72-hour suicide watch, is how."
Linden: "Motherfuck. That is exactly how long this season has left."

Because what would make this show even more maddening is if the main character went from being technically blocked from doing anything to literally blocked from doing anything.

"Hey, this show is moving too fast! It took me by surprise how in the last episode, things actually happened for once. Maybe you could slow it down by keeping the lead character in a psych ward for the remainder of the season and focused more on Darren Richmond pissing himself in a wheelchair. I mean, I think we can all agree that's where the majority of viewer interest* lies."

*(The opinions of the recapper are not necessarily reflected in this joke, he just thought it was funny to say. Frankly, I'm a little turned off when "interesting" things happen on this show. That is not what I am here for! I'm here to understand what grief is like for people who experience human emotion in a normal way, in case I am ever called upon to demonstrate sympathy for their troubles and don't want to Linden it all up.)

Nurse: "When was the last time you ate or slept or cared for yourself or lived in a house or nurtured your child or talked about normal shit or acted normal or didn't freak everybody out all the time?"
Linden: "All right, all right. Point taken."


Stan: "I just feel really bad, for punching my child in the face."
Terry: "Don't 'beat yourself up' over it. You're still a gay bear sex god."
Stan: "I just wish I understood why Tommy's acting up! I mean, his sister was brutally and infamously murdered, and then I got like ten people killed for no reason, and then his horrible mother disappeared, and then a prostitute -- no disrespect -- moved in and then out again, and I punched him in the face even though he's a little kid. I mean, I'm just mystified."

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The Killing




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