The Killing
72 Hours

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Just Like Adrian

Stan: "I do have a crystal goblet I was saving for a special occasion."
Terry: "Save the goblet, and just work on becoming a person again. It is literally your only job on this planet."


Stan stalks Clitorectomy Teacher Guy, watches his wife leave for wherever. Guess what, it's super rainy today.


Holder: "Hi, are you Regi?"
Regi: "Yeah. Am I your social worker? You look like somebody who should probably have a social worker."
Holder: "No, I'm kind of Sarah Linden's social worker right now. Did you know there's a crazy conspiracy and she uncovered Mayoral evidence of murder?"
Regi: "I have no doubt that she has brought you into her spiral of madness, so no, but also kinda yeah."
Holder: "No, this time it's real! Use your social worker powers and get her out!"
Regi: "As Carlson told you, only her psychiatrist can do that."
Holder: "Fine, that's Plan B! Who is her psychiatrist, what's her* name?"
Regi: "Uh, trust me when I say that's not something I am going to tell you. Also not something Sarah would be happy about. If you're starting a pissing contest about who loves her more, I will win. Even against you. But also, let me give you a history lesson about how this is exactly how it went down last time. Stopped eating, stopped sleeping... Oh, shit. Where's Jack?"

*(Stephen Holder, Feminist.)

Holder: "With Helo, in Chicago."
Regi: "In some ways, that's a healthy move. In other ways, it just proves my point. If she's even willing to drop Jack -- her number-one sign of being a healthy working human adult person, however detrimental to him that is in practice -- she's going down the rabbit hole."
Holder: "But not if she's right!"
Regi: "I see what you're saying, but there's no reason for me to think there's something different about this time, when she's doing the same shit in the same order with the same crazy dignified look on her face. She'll keep shaving off pieces until there's nothing left, and you know exactly what I'm talking about."
Holder: "I do. And I realize that there's no way for me to tell you how this time is different. Which is why 'The Yellow Wallpaper' is the scariest story of all time, because screaming I'm not crazy is just another way to prove you're crazy, which is the privilege gun pointed at the head of every woman every day of the year, which is what makes it the scariest concept in modernity.

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The Killing




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