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Previously: Rosie was lost, then she was found. Jamie was found out as the mole (or was he?). Linden and Holder found a video tape of Kris and Jasper raping Rosie (or were they?).

We join Linden and Holder watching tweaker Kris in the throes of withdrawal as he sits in the SPD interrogation room. They finally enter the room. Linden sits wordlessly as Holder wheels in a TV monitor. Kris insists he didn't do anything. They continue to give him the silent treatment until Holder turns on the TV. It's the yearbook footage of Rosie at the dance. A guy asks Rosie where she sees herself in 10 years. She stammers a now tragic answer, "Uhhhh, who knows what happens? I mean, today is all that matters. And who knows? I want to see... everything, see the world. I am just so ready to start living." Linden pauses on a shot of Rosie's smiling, beatific face. She looks coldly into Chris's eyes and tells him to look at Rosie, to tell her that he didn't kill her, in essence to own up to whatever role he had in this disgusting series of events. Kris trembles as he looks at Rosie on the TV. Credits.

The next morning, Kris is still waiting it out in the interrogation room. Holder thinks he's ready to break, but the boss isn't so sure. He tells Linden that Jasper is with his lawyer in the waiting room. They decide to parade him past Kris, hoping that the fear that Jasper will cut a deal will motivate Kris to talk. Before Holder goes in to continue with Kris, the boss tells him curtly, "That junkie in there looks better than you do. You should clean yourself up and put on a suit."

As Linden escorts Jasper into the boss's office for questioning, he stops and exchanges an uncomfortable look with Kris. Holder snaps at Kris, "Hey! Your date's with me." In the other room, the lawyer brusquely tells Linden Jasper is simply paying a "courtesy visit" and that all questions should be directed at him (the lawyer). Linden informs them that a video featuring Jasper, Kris and Rosie has been found. Jasper plays dumb, so Linden asks over-sweetly, "Would you like to see it?" and looks at him with a shit-eating grin.

Meanwhile, the Larsens begin the grim business of picking out a casket for Rosie. The perfectly non-offensive funeral director discusses all the various accouterments, from matching pillows and sizes to fit in burial vaults, before telling them that the caskets start at $2,000. He adds hastily, "Of course, there's always cremation... considerably less expensive." Stan says proudly, "No." Says the funeral director, "I understand." He goes over the floral options with Stan as Mitch wanders around, taking in the atmosphere of death. She settles on a model that costs $3,800. The funeral director adds again that they have reasonable payment plans, but Stan insists they can take care of it. The funeral director tries to push along the process, saying he'll need a nice dress for Rosie. "You would like her in a nice dress, wouldn't you?" Neither of them can say a word as they stare into the coffin. It may only be a few feet wide, a few feet deep, but to them it might as well be an endless abyss because, once Rosie goes is, she's never coming out.

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The Killing




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