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Family, Planning

The Larsens continue the planning of Rosie's funeral at their church. Stan looks over possible hymns while Mitch surveys the room. She sees a crucifix, with Jesus' bound hands and feet, his mournful expression. She thinks of Rosie. Stan snaps her out of her stupor to ask about the hymns. she stares at him blankly, and the priest glosses over, saying they'll go with "the usual." As they stand up to leave, he assures them that Rosie is in heaven now and that the Lord is watching over all of them. It's too much for Mitch. "What good is that to me? She's not supposed to be with God, she's supposed to be with me!" She wonders where God was when Rosie was out in the woods, hurt, scared and alone. The priest has no more consolation to offer, so they leave.

Drexler finds Richmond on his balcony. He says he thinks the waterfront needs a stadium. Richmond dismisses it as a vanity project, like Adams' waterfront plan. Drexler is unmoved by Richmond's seeming naiveté, which he takes as disingenuous politico-speak. He says, "I get it, you gotta stay in character. I respect that," then hands Richmond a check for $50,000. Richmond tries to hand it back, implying he won't have his palm greased so easily. Guesses Drexler, "Maybe one day you will." Either way, they have a common enemy in Adams, so he hopes Richmond can profit off of Adams' loss.

Elsewhere, Stan takes Belko to the house he bought for his family before Rosie died. It was supposed to be a surprise, but now they can't afford it with all the unexpected expenses. They look at the perfect, white house that will never be Stan's after all, and Belko says if they want to do something about Richmond, they can "take care of it -- like old times." Stan says resolutely, "I don't do that anymore." Belko leaves him be.

High school. Sterling walks absent-mindedly to her locker, listening to her iPod. Some jerk grabs her from behind and cops a feel while inviting her to the Cage. She pushes him off, and he smugs, "Remember, Sterling, no means yes." She leans into her locker, broken, then picks herself back up and carries on with her day. She stops in her tracks in the middle of the hall when she sees Mitch. They plod toward each other, exchange a tearful hello, and hug. Sterling apologizes for what's happened. Mitch insists she has nothing to apologize for. They pull away from each other as Mitch strokes Sterling's hair. Sterling assures Mitch that Rosie was happy the last time she saw her. They stare into each other's eyes. Mitch asks if Rosie was seeing anyone, but Sterling doesn't know specifics. Mitch leans in for another hug, but this one is too long, too desperate. Sterling excuses herself, and Mitch stands in the empty hall.

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The Killing




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