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Previously: Stan bought a house and didn't tell anybody. Then he beat the ever living crap out of Rosie's teacher and did tell some people. Namely, the cops. Rosie deposited money into a casino ATM and didn't tell anybody. Richmond told bad boy billionaire Tom Drexler to give him $5 million. And Mayor Adams couldn't stop telling everyone about how his waterfront renewal project would save the city.

Night 11. Construction workers dig up the waterfront project until they find something suspicious. Upon further inspection, it appears to be a human skull. As Linden curses out her husband for practically abducting Jack, Holder shows her the ATM still of Rosie depositing money at the casino. Credits.

Holder shows Linden the various pictures of Rosie depositing money at the casino. He says he almost missed her because he wasn't used to seeing her so dolled up. Linden notes that the last ATM still was grabbed at 12:37 AM on the night that Rosie died. Holder tells her Rosie was putting in some serious cash -- almost $7,000 at last count. He wonders what she was doing for that kind of money, then says, "You know what the best part is? It's not her account."

Day 12. News breaks quickly that human (specifically Native American) remains were found on Adams waterfront construction site. Adams and his advisers know he's sunk. Meanwhile, Richmond is fielding calls from all major media outlets and everyone's mother to endorse him. Jamie thinks they're unstoppable. "I mean, nothing beats dead Indians. Didn't you see Poltergeist?" Richmond admits he's not even slightly chagrined for the incumbent. Speaking of fellow nemeses, Jamie tells Richmond that Drexler has invited both of them over for an impromptu celebration that evening. Gwen says Richmond doesn't have time for such things because he's doing an interview with the local newspaper. Richmond agrees and sends Jamie to do the dirty work with Drexler. The phone rings. It's Senator Eaton for Richmond.

Meanwhile, the phone is also ringing at Stan's business while Mitch cleans out his file drawers. The call goes to voicemail (the old kind where you can actually hear the message that's being left). It's Janek Kovarsky, the Polish mafia boss for whom Stan used to work. Mitch is incensed and interrogates Belko when he comes into the office. Belko clams up, so Mitch fires him without blinking an eye. In prison, Stan leaves a message on Mitch's voicemail. He tells her he has an appointment with the psychologist and that he misses her.

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The Killing




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